Kinglos Pro Electric Cello DSDT-1807

Kinglos Pro Electric Cello DSDT-1807

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Kinglos Pro Electric Cello DSDT-1807

Detailed Product Description

Material: Quality plywood body with Zebrawood laminate, Maple neck, Ebony fingerboard & fittings, Metal tailpiece.

Pick-up: German brand "Shadow" active pickup system, combined line out/phones out, aux in

Outfit includes rosin, bow, soft bag, 4m cable, 9V battery, headphone, detachable tummy and knee rests

"Promote the tradition by innovation" has always been the core criterion of Kinglos Company.Kinglos has FSC certificate, SGS and REACH tests report.Kinglos hitted the headline in the "Hollywood Times"which greatly appreciates and speaks highly of them. Founded in June, 2009, Shanghai Kinglos Industrial Co. Ltd is an innovative company which specialized in researching, developing, designing and producing professional visual artistic music instruments as well as in producing and deputizing various traditional music instruments.

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