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Beware of Performance Artists Who Pretend to Play the Violin for the Money - Big Scam

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'Nationwide scam problem' growing in Michigan

Remember the last time I went to Target in Warren, there was a middle-aged man playing the violin and sitting next to his two kids, and there was a sign in front of them that said they needed money, they needed everyone s help. Now that I think back, he wasn't playing the violin at all!


Now police across the country are reminding residents not to be fooled, because of this new scam, scammers will set up outside crowded shopping malls, typically playing a violin and asking passersby for help paying rent and food, etc. Wait.

Attentive people are beginning to discover that these violin players are not really playing the violin, but the music of the electric violin played from a hidden player! This discovery is known to more and more residents!

YouTuber Eric Stanley, a professional violinist with 12 years of experience, expressed his views on this violin scam in a media interview. This is a very bad thing, because some new violinists need constant practice. Affecting residents' misjudgment of violin artists.

Oakland County Springfield Township Supervisor Laura Morrow said on Facebook, please don't be deceived, this is a national problem, these are not residents in need, nor are we really artists. Residents who encounter this scam at any time, please call the police station in time and do not donate at will. Police in Florida, Maryland and Connecticut all issued the same statement.

Oxfam is a very good thing, I hope we will not be used by liars and let more kindness spread to the people who really need na l

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