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As a professional violin supplier, Kinglos takes "visual instrument" research and development, design, and production as its core. Kinglos violin enhances tradition with innovation. On the basis of ensuring the practical function of the instrument itself, and adopting unique patented technology, Kinglos strives to provide personalized and unique violins to the global market. For fashionable visual violins, Kinglos has successfully developed six series of visual art violins and visual art violin cases, and more than 100 musical instrument products with its own intellectual property rights. These violin products have been exported to more than 40 countries and regions around the world and are well received by the international market. To be one of the world's violin suppliers, Kinglos always keeps the mission of  "quality first" in mind, always putting product quality first place, so that ensure all kinds of violins for sale produced by Kinglos can better serve the global market with perfect quality.

Different Types Of Violins For Sale

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Learn The Parts Of The Violin

Learn The Parts Of The Violin

Four tapered, sturdy pegs (ebony or mahogany) are inserted into the holes of the pegbox, which are mainly used to make each string pass through the hole on the peg and be wound and burned. Above, the position of the string is fixed and the tightness of the string can be adjusted, which is the so-called tuning of the string's pitch.

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What Determines the Quality of Violins for Sale?

The quality of  a violin can be identified according to the following two aspects which are exactly the advantages of Kinglos violins:


The price of violin made of European wood and Chinese national wood is the price watershed for high-end handmade violins on the market. Violins made of  European wood have a delicate and pure sound, while violins made of Chinese wood have a resonant and free & easy sound. The years that the wood of a violin has been air-dried determines the sound quality of it. The longer the wood being dried, the better sound the violin has. The loudness, momentum, and explosive power of the violin are closely related to the degree of air-drying of the wood.

The craftsmanship of the violin maker

● The taper of the violin pegs and the smooth feeling of the violin's neck:

violin pegs are the key factors affecting the tone tuning and setting of the violin. If the taper of violin pegs is not standard, it is easy for the violin to have glissando and inaccurate tuning. During the production of violins, Kinglos makes each violin pegs strictly calibrated with a "reamer" to achieve the most standard taper so that the tuning and setting of the violin are comfortable and smooth.

In addition, it is the curvature of the neck that directly affects the user's experience. The curvature of the head and neck of Kinglos violin conforms to the finger structure of the human body, which is comfortable, smooth, and feels good.

●  The arc of the bridge and its fit with the violin's body, and the standard string height:

The thickness, curvature of the bridge, and it's the degree of compliance with the violin's body directly affect the vibration and sound transmission of the violin. The size of the Kinglos violin bridge is made strictly in accordance with international standards and professional standards, which fully guarantees good vibration and sound transmission of the product.

For the string height from the 1st string to the 4th string, they are made in accordance with the standard level of 3.5mm-5.5mm, fully taking the comfort and professional requirements of the player into consideration.

Advantages of Kinglos Violin for Sale

Technical advantage

Kinglos violin has a number of its own patented technologies, which greatly ensure the high quality of its violin. With the features of delicate and bright sound, rich coloring patterns and design shapes. violins from Kinglos not only meet high standard levels but also satisfy the aesthetics of modern youngsters leading the innovative trend of the violin.

Design advantage

With a profound design background, Kinglos has won the gold award for international IDA design. The product design has been recognized by the international market. There are hundreds of unique designs available to meet the aesthetic needs of most groups.

Craft advantage

Kinglos uses high-quality raw materials, each part of the violin is professionally polished and assembled, and the spare parts adopted and assembly process are all professional-level, which ensures that every kinglos violin has excellent sound quality.

Cost advantage

The pioneering use of new production technology has greatly reduced the labor cost of violins, making the production cost of violins significantly reduced, so that enhancing the competitiveness of our violin in the market.

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