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As a professional violin supplier, Kinglos takes "visual instrument" research and development, design and production as its core. Kinglos violin enhances tradition with innovation. On the basis of ensuring the practical function of the instrument itself, adopting unique patented technology, Kinglos strives to provide personalized and unique violins to the global market. For fashionable visual violins, Kinglos has successfully developed six series of visual art violins and visual art violin cases, and more than 100 musical instrument products with its own intellectual property rights. These violin products have been exported to more than 40 countries and regions around the world and are well received by the international market. To be one of the world violin manufacturers, Kinglos always keeps the misson of  "quality first" into mind, always putting product quality into the first place, so that ensuring all kinds of violins produced by Kinglos can better serve the global market with perfect quality.

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Learn The Parts Of The Violin

Learn The Parts Of The Violin

Four tapered, sturdy pegs (ebony or mahogany) are inserted into the holes of the pegbox, which are mainly used to make each string pass through the hole on the peg and be wound and burned. Above, the position of the string is fixed and the tightness of the string can be adjusted, which is the so-called tuning of the string's pitch.

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