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Have You Ever Heard of an Electric Violin?

Modern electric violin is a new type of electro-acoustic musical instrument, which is the result of modern electro-acoustic technology acting on the sound image form and performance skills of traditional violin.

As an excellent brand of electric violin industry and trade, Kinglos is committed to the design and development of electric violin. Over the past 10 years, three major world brands have been formed in the United States, China Kinglos, American Aliyes, and FLORENCE in Europe and Germany.

The Kinglos brand has been ranked among the top 10 most popular brands in the world for five consecutive years on the Amazon platform.

From the appearance, it has both the morphological characteristics of the traditional violin and the avant-garde and fashionable characteristics. Except that the resonance box of the traditional violin is changed into a hollow or solid box with a completely different appearance, the material and shape of the bow and strings; the weight and volume of the violin are similar, basically maintaining the appearance characteristics of the traditional violin, but the shape is more diverse and the design is richer.

1. The development direction of the electric violin

The object of acceptance and appreciation of traditional violin music is limited. The advent of modern electric violin music, although refreshing to the audience, still remains at the level of auditory perception.

Excellent modern electric violin music performance must also have a solid foundation of traditional violin playing skills and innovative ideas of modern electric violin music as a guarantee.

In fact, there are many imprints of classic music in modern electric violin music. When performing, the performers themselves must have traditional playing skills. It must also incorporate modern visual fashion elements in addition to modern electric violin music to make its performance highly visible and ornamental.

2. The current development limitations of the electric violin

The creation and accumulation of repertoire are insufficient, and the further construction of the music performance system will take time.

The modern electric violin music performance has made a special contribution in spreading the classical music. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. This proves that it has flaws and deficiencies in track creation and accumulation.

When the audience appreciates and participates in the performance, they often hear the familiar melody of classic music. Although they feel the shock and breakthrough of visual and auditory elements, they rarely hear fresh and refreshing melody.

The lack of the number of tracks makes it difficult to form a breakthrough in quality.

However, the development of modern music is endless, which creates an endless development space for modern electric violin music performance.

So far, we at Kinglos have more than ten product lines, among which the visual arts violin, visual arts guitar, electric piano, wind instruments and percussion instruments are the leading products. In these series, there are more than 1000 models of musical instruments, which are loved by customers all over the world. Welcome to consult.

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