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Kinglos·Personalized Guitar Re-bounce the Chinese Campus (folk) Market

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If love is gone, let it be...

How many students haveGao XiaosongThe "Brother Sleeping in My Upper Bunk" was very emotional, and also because ofold wolf"You at the same table" and sigh the passing of youth...

The youth in these songs is still truly touching, and the time that is gone forever is cherished in people's hearts.

On college campuses, guitar consumption has a good market foundation and cultural precipitation

since the last century80In the 1990s, Taiwanese campus folk songs were introduced to the mainland. At that time, on the campus, groups of young people with guitars on the grass became the most beautiful scenery. It's not just the music we hear, it's the time that made us cry after drinking and wandering in the wind...

Guitars have always been honored as"Youth submachine gun", because of its simple and easy to learn, beautiful timbre, wide range and affordable price, it is very popular among young students. On college campuses, guitar consumption has a good market foundation and cultural precipitation, which is convenient for campus marketing.

The unique environment of colleges and universities is caused by the relatively closed nature of college campuses. Most of the time, students are in dormitories.-classroom-In the three-point and one-line canteen, the life form circle of college students is constructed, and there is a corresponding marketing method attached to this form circle. The important content of college students outside their studies and daily life is various literary, sports and cultural activities on the university campus;70%The above students have participated in various school clubs,90%The above students participate in cultural festivals, department evenings and other activities of various schools, more spare time, youth's desire for performance, entertainment and knowledge needs, so that college students not only become the participants of many campus activities, but also become active participants By.

According to statistics, at present, the number of college students in the country has200010,000, including undergraduates and postgraduates; consumption quota for Chinese college students800--1000Yuan/The number of months is75%above. The average consumption is700Yuan or so, press4000Yuan/According to human calculations, the total annual consumption of Chinese college students is800billion RMB.

The consumption characteristics of college students: independent generation, publicity of individuality; follow the trend of consumption, the unique sense of group belonging makes individuality publicity a common characteristic of this group. Affordable is very important, college students have"High-level low-value products, low-level high-value products"Consumption characteristics, that is to say, in order to achieve the purpose of consumption, they can reduce some additional needs on high-value products to meet the core needs, but on low-value products, they will pursue complete demand satisfaction and enjoy Exciting consumer experience.

in addition,The praise of college students on some attitudes towards life"I want to be someone with a unique style",Have74.8% I like to pursue a life full of challenges, novelties and changes;67.1%like to pursue popular, fashionable and novel things; have22.9%Love to buy products with a unique style.

just becauseKinglos·The product connotation of personalized guitar: personality, vitality, trendy, fashion and other characteristics, cater to the consumption needs of contemporary college students, and then the hot scene of campus sales appears.

Realize the dream of becoming rich, the campus agency is flourishing

In the ivory tower, talented and beautiful women, feasting and feasting, students eager for cultural knowledge, driven by temptation and success, prematurely began to plan their own way of making money and dream of making a fortune.Campus agents followed suit.

Kinglos·Personalized guitar is to step on the footsteps of campus agents and step into the campus market.

As the name suggests, a campus agent is an agent on the campus to sell goods and services provided by a business organization, so as to obtain a certain profit. With the expansion of colleges and universities, the number of students in colleges and universities has doubled, and the average number of students in general-scale universities is8000There is a huge demand for students to eat, wear, use, and play.

Campus agents generally do not have high requirements for experience, funds, etc. College students use their spare time to represent the best-selling products on campus, accumulate market experience, exercise entrepreneurial ability, and prepare necessary material and spiritual conditions for the entrepreneurial road after graduation.

Because college students do not have much contact with TV media, and most of the information comes from radio and the Internet, the popularization and dissemination of information mainly depends on word of mouth among classmates, forming a relatively closed but active consumer market circle, and the acceptance of products The degree and popularity mainly depend on its word-of-mouth and personnel promotion in the university market. College clubs are a particularly worthy part of campus marketing. If the marketing activities of enterprises in colleges and universities are supported and cooperated by student unions or student clubs, combining the characteristics of students and club activity plans to complete publicity activities and guide consumption orientation will achieve twice the result with half the effort. Effect.

Kinglos·As soon as the personalized guitar entered the campus, due to its unique selling point, reasonable price and good foundation of guitar folk school culture, it immediately attracted many student agents with vision, courage and wealth dreams.

Many high-performing campus agents say:"also onlyKinglos·Personalized guitars can be hot on campus, and campus agents seem to be for'Kinglos'Tailor-made marketing model; during this period, many traditional musical instrument manufacturers also tried the college market, but they all failed due to the lack of individuality and the homogeneity of their products, which could not cater to the consumption characteristics of contemporary college students.".

step in2014In the spring of 2018, when I look back, the world has changed too fast, the enthusiasm of gathering cannot be released, and it is inevitable that we cannot experience everything we once expected; therefore, people begin to be nostalgic, especially those born in90The girls and boys of the later years, wrapped up their original dreams with memories, and relived "The Brother Who Sleeps in My Upper Bunk" and "You at the Same Table", and campus folk songs are re-emerging...

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