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As one of the leading guitar wholesale suppliers, Kinglos uses high-quality wood suitable for musical instruments. After more than two-year natural air drying and 85-95 degree high temperature drying for more than 30 days, the stability and durability of our guitars after molding are well ensured. Kinglos has several types of guitars for sale, like electric guitars, resonator guitars and wooden guitars.

1. The guitar fretboard strings are made of precious Indian rosewood, which ensures that the bass and midrange of the guitar are soft, smooth and full. deep, beautiful, rich resonance sound and powerful mid-frequency mahogany

2. With reference to the sound beam structure of the world-famous Martin guitar, our company analyzes and tests the sound beam mechanics structure of the guitar together with Korean guitar experts, ensuring that the surface of the guitar is smooth and beautiful, the guitar is durable, and the sound conforms to the preferences and popular premises of modern guitarists. The next one has a unique style and charm.

3. After hundreds of experiments, tests and studies, the best backplane curvature is obtained, which ensures that the front panel sounds full and powerful, and responds quickly.

4. The paint coating construction process up to 16 times is the guarantee of quality. All use Korean high-quality dry paint. After spraying, it is heated by 48-55 degree microcomputer infrared to keep the paint dry from the inside to the outside, ensuring the hardness and scratch resistance of the paint.

5. Kinglos uses Martin guitar fret tying and leveling methods to ensure that the guitar will not warp during use. Unique off-line processing technology makes the product line never scratched.

6. Kinglos uses special equipment with high-precision diameter and shape to create the consistency and smoothness of the guitar diameter, ensuring that the player can quickly enjoy the performance and give full play to it.

7. Kinglos guitar uses the world's most advanced computer numerical control trimming equipment, the accuracy can reach three decimal places, and the pitch requirements meet the requirements of professional masters.

8. The guitars supplied by Kinglos are improved and strengthened with Japanese advanced technology (non-traditional technology). When the neck is subjected to a strong external force, it will break in other places, not be disconnected here, allowing users to avoid all worries.

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