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Product Innovation is the Starting Point of Profit

Music stores generally have the characteristics of strong product homogeneity and small differences. Thousands of people are one side, and the left store and the right store are like twins. You have me and everyone has them. This is also the source of vicious competition. As a platform for operating musical instrument products, product innovation plays a key role in the operation of a piano store. As a systematic project, product innovation is by no means something that can be constructed by a specific physical product. Facing the current diversified demands of consumers on both the material and spiritual levels, the idea of introducing "big products" was considered by the owner of the piano store with a business vision.

Large products, including specific musical instrument products, cultural products and spiritual products.

After years of simple and extensive profit model of "earning the price difference" in China's musical instrument retail industry, the new business model of musical instruments with the coexistence of three business modes of musical instrument sales + music training + cultural communication activities is becoming a great development in the entire music industry. Potential gold mine. Musical instrument sales, music training and cultural dissemination are actually the origins of the development and introduction of innovative products for musical instruments. In addition to their own profits, music training and cultural dissemination can also cultivate more music population and potential consumers to buy musical instruments , the three complement each other.

Due to product innovation, there are countless cases that bring huge profits to Qinxiang:

nThe Dayin piano shop in Huludao in the northeast is an emerging piano shop with a relatively late start but a high starting point. The owner, Mr. Zhang Yidong, paid great attention to the positioning and innovation of the piano shop products at the beginning of the business. The products of the piano shop are mainly stringed instruments, especially violins. Lord, after researching many piano shops, violin lovers, teachers and students, I resolutely chose Shanghai's "kinglos performance/decorative dual-purpose visual art violin". His reason is very simple. He said: When choosing a product, it is necessary to have its own characteristics, and I have nothing to do with others; through inspection, I learned that this product is a patented product. Novel and unique, different from other products; especially the violin with cartoon pattern, children who are beginners will love it, which greatly improves the children's interest in learning the violin. In addition to innovation in the selection of products, the concertina also interacts with the surrounding communities and neighborhood committees, brings music training and cultural dissemination to the community, cultivates and attracts more consumer groups, and also forms an artistic violin performance team. Performances are everywhere, and business is booming. Coincidentally, many piano shops in Zhuhai and Shantou in Guangdong, Qingdao and Jinan in Shandong have felt the charm and market value of personalized innovative products.

n nAili Music Store in Wuhan, Hubei Province, has been working hard for 8 years and still has a mediocre business. There is not much left after rent, staff wages, payment for goods, etc. every month. Change this undead business state. By chance, he saw the "Kinglos Play/Decoration Dual-purpose Visual Art Violin" at an exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany. After learning that it was originally produced in Shanghai, China, based on the businessman's keenness, Boss Qin concluded that this innovative product would definitely sell well in China . After returning to China, I immediately contacted the cello manufacturer and resolutely purchased the first batch of 100 pieces. Sure enough, just as he judged: this product appeared in the piano shop and immediately attracted the attention of teachers, students and violin lovers, and 15 pieces were sold on the first day. The follow-up business continued, relying on this single product, the monthly profit was more than 30,000 yuan. After nearly a year of operation, Ailey Music Store has benefited a lot and the annual profit is not less than 200,000. At present, Boss Qin is negotiating with the manufacturer to be the general agent in Wuhan, so as to make the market bigger and make more money.

Coincidentally, many piano shops in Zhuhai and Shantou in Guangdong, Qingdao and Jinan in Shandong have felt the charm and market value of personalized innovative products.

Product innovation is the key to the success of a piano business. The best strategy for a piano business is to update and improve its own products before others. The significance of innovation lies in being advanced and preconceived. Once new products and new business opportunities are discovered, they must be seized in time to avoid missing opportunities.

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