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What is a Modern Electric Violin?

Ⅰ. What is a modern electric violin?

The modern electric violin is a new type of electro-acoustic musical instrument. It is the result of modern electro-acoustic technology acting on the sound image form and performance skills of the traditional violin. The product of the combination of inheritance and the development of the times.

Ⅱ. The difference between modern electric violin and traditional violin

1. In terms of appearance, it has both the morphological characteristics of traditional violins and the characteristics of avant-garde fashion. Except that the resonance box of the traditional violin is changed to a hollow or solid box with a completely different appearance, the material and shape of the bow and string; the weight and volume of the violin are similar, basically maintaining the appearance of the traditional violin, but The shape is more diverse and the design is richer.

2. In terms of the principle of vocalization, it has undergone a "reborn" change. It is equipped with jacks and controls such as input, output, volume control, reverb control, switch, etc. on the piano panel, and forms a wired connection with external related devices including transmitters, receivers, amplifiers, equalizers, MIDI sequencers, etc. Or wirelessly connected, the sound of a modern electric violin is created through the use of these devices and the performance of the performer.

Due to the change of the sound principle and appearance of the electric violin, the weak volume of the traditional violin can be multiplied, and the player has a very broad space for the innovation of the violin performance skills and expression style, creating an unprecedented performance for the player. performance platform.

Kinglos electric violin pursues unique modeling creativity and rich colors, which make the violin have vitality and more appeal. Kinglos Electric Violins are available in a Beginner Series, Advanced Series and Professional Series, suitable for all violin lovers. The tone of the violin is restored to the greatest extent, the noise is low, and the sound quality is balanced and bright. Make the stage performance very infectious.

The kinglos electric violin is specially designed for that specific stage and also equipped for the life of the studio, every electric violin is handmade, every step is meticulously carved by the luthier, every process is checked. Every violin in your hand is tuned and packaged for shipment.

So far, we have more than ten series product lines, among which the visual arts violin, visual arts guitar, electric piano, wind instruments and percussion instruments are the leading products. In these series, there are more than 1000 models of musical instruments, which are loved by customers all over the world. Welcome to consult.

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