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Experience the Charm of Electroacoustic Violin

Electroacoustic violin, make the performance more exciting

Electroacoustic Violin produces sound through electricity, while traditional Violin produces sound through resonance in the sound box.

Electroacoustic Violin is a modern invention, which has several advantages over traditional acoustic Violin. One of them is that the sound produced is fuller and brighter in public performances, while with traditional Violin, perfect performance effects can only be obtained with excellent violin as outdoor surroundings absorb sound. Secondly, the sound of an electroacoustic violin can be adjusted and its special design can make it more comfortable for the players to play in the high position.

The difference between electroacoustic violin and ordinary violin

The main difference between an electroacoustic violin and an ordinary Violin is that the former does not require a sound box. The vibration of the strings is picked up by several magnetic pickups under the root of the strings (similar to an electric guitar), which is then amplified through a speaker or can be used with headphones in practice so as not to disturb others. Therefore, the sound box of the electroacoustic violin is just a decoration. The electroacoustic violin can also be played without being plugged in, but the sound produced is hardly similar to that of a Violin, and the sound is extremely soft, just like a mosquito buzzing.

This kind of violin, boasting accessible materials and straightforward batch production processes, comes at a relatively low electric violin price point compared to traditional models. Despite these cost efficiencies, the amplified sounds produced by these instruments are pure and even, delivering a tonal quality that rivals that of intermediate and advanced violins.

The modern electroacoustic violin is a new type of electric instrument, which is the result of combining modern electric technology with the sound and playing techniques of traditional Violin. These violin musical instruments are the crystallization of the organic fusion of the traditional and modern musical concept of Violin, and the product of the combination of historical inheritance and era development.

"Applying innovative technology to enhance traditional quality" has always been Shanghai Kinglos Musical Instruments Co., Ltd.'s core principle. We use new high-tech methods to produce personalized, beautiful and fashionable instruments for the global market.

So far, Kinglos has more than ten series of product lines, including visual art Violin, visual art Guitar, electric piano, wind instruments and percussion instruments, among which there are more than 1000 models of instruments that are deeply loved by global customers. Welcome to inquire.

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