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The thickness and curvature of the bridge, as well as the adaptability of the cello body, directly affect the vibration and sound transmission of the cello body. 

The size of Kinross cello bridge is in strict accordance with international and professional standards, fully guaranteeing the vibration and sound transmission of the cello body.

The comfort and professionalism of the player are fully taken care of.

The curvature of the head and neck conforms to the structure of the human body, which is comfortable, smooth and has an excellent feel.

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Acoustic cello material: spruce whose texture is firm and light, sound transmission speed is faster than other woods and the elasticity is greater, which can dampen high-frequency sound. The material of back panel of the acoustic cello should be maple which is hard and flexible. These woods are easy to achieve better vibration, quicker sound transmission and have a damping effect on high-frequency noise.

Sounding Principle

The sounding principle of the acoustic cello: We use the bow bar to vibrate the strings through friction, and the vibration of the strings is transmitted to the bridge, and then to the body, causing the body to vibrate. The vibration of the cello body drives the vibration of bass beams and column, then generate sound waves bouncing back countless times inside, emitting from the F hole, and spreading to the human ear.


Applicable scene of acoustic cello: It can be used for practice, but better in relatively high place, because noise pollution is easy to be made during practicing. It is also suitable for performing in small places, or performing in quiet places, because the sound is limited by the maximum sound volume, the effect of the cello for large stage is poor.


The shape of the acoustic cello: the classical type.

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