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How To Choose A Violin?

Violin For Sale

When you understand some fundamental principles of violin structure, you should choose the appropriate instrument according to your needs and budget. When buying, you may encounter some new problems, various brands, categories and uneven prices.

Ⅰ. Categories: Elementary, Intermediate, Professional

In addition to the elementary, intermediate and professional, some violins are described as master or advanced. None of these categories has clear, generally accepted standards. Manufacturers and luthiers have their own standards, but the classification itself can be used as a general guideline to help you narrow your search.

Ⅱ. Elementary Violins for students

Generally speaking, the elementary violin is made of ordinary quality wood, with much fewer carving, assembly, and decoration processes. Their tuning pins and chin rest are usually plastic parts. These instruments are suitable for those interested in learning the violin but are not sure whether they will play it for a long time.

Ⅲ. Intermediate Violins

It is the intermediate violin that fills the gap between student violin and professional violin. Some stores and brands omit this category, only making a distinction between student violin and professional violin. However, this is a more suitable choice for musicians who know that they need a better violin than the student violin but are not ready to invest thousands of dollars to buy a professional violin. Students who expect improvement in their playing skills are typical intermediate violin buyers.

Ⅳ. Professional Violins

On the other hand, professional or master violins are made of wood grown in a cold environment, hand-made and assembled by master makers, and constructed of high-quality components such as ebony fingerboards and wooden tailboards. These instruments' excellent materials and exquisite artistic skills enhance their value, making them the first choice for professional and aspiring senior musicians.

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