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How to Buy an Entry-level Electric Piano?

Ⅰ. Advantages of electric pianos

1. Compared with real pianos, entry-level electric pianos are quite cheap

2. Electric pianos take up less space

3. The electric piano is very easy to move

4. Electric pianos always sound perfect

5. Electric pianos require almost no maintenance costs

6. The electric piano can be used with headphones and will not disturb the neighbors

7. The electric piano can use different timbres

8. The electric piano can be connected to the computer as a MIDI keyboard.

Ⅱ. Electric piano purchase points

1. The maximum polyphony of the electric piano

At present, the electric piano technology only plays one key and emits more than one sampled sound. In order to seek the realistic performance of the piano, hammer noise, monophonic string resonance, overall string resonance, key-off noise, Sampling of speaker noise, harmonic resonance, and more.

Therefore, it is common and reasonable to play an electric piano with more than 88 voices. When the pedal is added, the sound of any chord has already exceeded 100 voices.

Therefore, it is recommended that the maximum polyphony of the electric piano instrument can be bought more than 192, so that there will be no worries about changing the electric piano in the future.

2. String resonance

When playing the piano, lightly press the central do with the left hand and hold it (when it does not let him make a sound), and then tap the high-pitched do with the right hand. When the high-pitched do stops, you'll hear the strings still resonating until you let go of your left hand.

String resonance allows for subtle and rich timbre changes when playing the piano with the ever-changing combination of keys.

An electric piano without string resonance will lack the rich and delicate sound of a real piano. Obviously, the sound is much duller. An electric piano with string resonance can make people feel more real piano timbre.

3. Escapement mechanism

Many people have heard of the escapement mechanism, but actually do not know much about its principle and function. The escapement mechanism has a great influence on the expressiveness of the piano.

This mechanism makes it easier for the player to deal with muted (pp) expressions, it also increases the sensitivity of fast bursts, and allows the piano to have a wider dynamic range.

The escapement was initially only found on traditional grand pianos. It makes it very easy for the player to deal with weak notes in emoticons, and it also improves the sensitivity of quick rebounds, allowing the piano to have a wider sound dynamics.

Under the escapement mechanism, the piano keys can be pressed again to make a sound before they are fully released. This is also the magic of grand piano touch keys, which is also commonly known as two-stage touch keys.

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