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How to Choose the Right Fit for Your Beginner Electric Violin?

When starting out on the electric violin, choosing the right fit is crucial. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect beginner electric violin. Here are some important factors to consider when choosing your first electric violin.

Body size and weight

Electric violins come in various sizes, just like traditional violins. It is important to choose a violin that fits your body size and weight. The most common sizes for electric violins are 4/4, 3/4, and 1/2.

Alternatively, many manufacturers offer violins that are adjustable to different sizes. This option is ideal for beginners who may still be growing and require an instrument that can accommodate their changing size.


Electric violins are made from various materials, including wood, carbon fiber, and plastic. Wooden electric violins are the most common, as they produce a warm, traditional sound that is similar to an acoustic violin.

Carbon fiber electric violins are lightweight and durable. They are perfect for musicians who travel frequently or play for extended periods. Plastic electric violins are the most affordable option and are ideal for beginners who may not yet be committed to the instrument.

Necessary Accessories for Beginner Electric Violins

Once you have chosen your electric violin, there are a few extra accessories you may need to enhance your performance and keep your instrument in top condition.


An electric violin requires an amplifier to produce sound. When choosing an amplifier, consider the size of the venue where you will be playing. A small amplifier is suitable for home practice, whereas a large amplifier is required for performances in larger venues.


A bow is an essential accessory for playing the electric violin. The type of bow you choose will affect the quality of sound produced by the violin. A good quality bow will also make it easier to play for extended periods.


Rosin is a sticky substance that is applied to the bow's hair to provide friction and produce a sound from the violin. Rosin comes in several types, each suited to different playing styles and levels. It is essential to choose the right rosin for your instrument to ensure optimal performance.

Sound Quality Differences Between Beginner Electric Violins and Traditional Violins

One of the most significant differences between electric and traditional violins is the sound quality. Electric violins produce a different sound from their acoustic counterparts due to their construction.

The sound produced by an electric violin is more focused and amplified than an acoustic violin, making it ideal for playing in large venues or with other electric instruments. However, some musicians prefer the traditional sound produced by an acoustic violin and may find the sound of the electric violin a little too synthesised.

For beginners, an electric violin is a good investment as it provides versatility and durability at an affordable price. The different materials and sizes available make it easy to find the right fit for your body type and playing style.

In addition, electric violins offer the convenience of playing with headphones, meaning you can practise without disturbing others. This feature makes it ideal for musicians who live in apartments, have roommates, or come home late from work or school.

Choosing the right fit for your beginner electric violin requires consideration of several factors, including body size and weight, material, and necessary accessories. The sound produced by an electric violin differs from that of an acoustic violin, making it an excellent investment for those who prefer a synthesised sound.

When starting out on the electric violin, it is essential to find an instrument that is comfortable to play and complements your playing style. With the right fit and accessories, you will be able to produce the sound you desire and enjoy playing your music.

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