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Special Contribution of Electric Violin Performance in Ensuring Technical Guarantee and Spreading Classics

The Dependency of Electric Violin Performance on Technology

The development of electronic technology has always accompanied modern electric violin music and its performance. It is the technical guarantee for modern electric violin music performance, and the development of modern electric violin music performance depends on its progress.

In the specific performance state, modern electric violin music performance must always pay attention to the existence of various technical factors. Cooperating closely with them is a necessary condition for success.

For example, the performer must pre-adjust the micro-electrical equipment on the electric violin, such as input, output, volume control, reverb control, switches, and batteries; contact the audio engineer in advance to set the relevant parameters such as volume and reverb, and adjust the transmitter, receiver, amplifier, equalizer and other equipment to the best state; and cooperate tacitly with lighting and stage arts departments during the performance. This is the material foundation of electric violin music performance.

Believe that with the development of electronic sound and related technology, electric violins offered by professional electric violin manufacturers can provide modern electric violin music performance with unlimited opportunities and a broad stage.

The Special Contribution of Electric Violin to Spreading Classics

The contribution of modern electric violin music performance in integrating classical and modern music elements, auditory and visual elements is obvious to all.

However, people often overlook the other important contribution of electric violin musical instruments, namely spreading classics.

Some critics rely on outdated theories to criticize new explorations on the music stage. It should be admitted that their determination and courage to defend classics are because the classics themselves are worth it.

However, this article also wants to tell everyone that, to a large extent, the explorers of modern electric violin music performance are doing the same thing-spreading classics.

In addition to traditional performance skills, physical conditions for performance, integration of traditional and modern music elements, and all-round intervention of modern fashion visual elements, modern electric violin music performance also needs the support of repertoire.

The repertoire of modern electric violin music performance comes from classical music in many cases.

This allows people who live in a fast-paced society to not only consume popular music but also have the opportunity to understand, perceive and accept classical music while enjoying modern electric violin music performances, which is just a different way of acceptance. It is closer and more fashionable. It fills the gap between classical and modern, and breaks down the barriers between tradition and fashion.

In a sense, is this not the "reproduction" and "rebirth" of classics?!

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