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The Status Quo and Future of Modern Electric Violin Music Performance

A new modern electric violin music performance concept and mode have been established

Since its presentation to the public, modern electric violin music performance has attracted close social attention and sparked fierce controversy.

However, after continuous exploration and practice, with the support of modern electronic technology and the development of multiple music and fashion concepts, it has continuously matured in the philosophy and mode of music performance, established its own position, and received the support and praise of audiences.

Undoubtedly, modern electric violin music performance has been recognized in the hearts of audiences and has become an indispensable force in the modern music world, playing an irreplaceable role.

Performers have broken away from the traditional violin and modern electric violin music playing styles, exploring its potential in performance, and enjoying the happiness and satisfaction it brings.

Audiences have become accustomed to the connotation and style of modern electric violin music performances, appreciating and participating in it.

Nowadays, the question of "whether" or "not" modern electric violin music performances are accepted has long passed, and practitioners and audiences only expect it to become more mature with social progress and cultural development.

The creation and accumulation of the repertoire for the electric violin is insufficient, and the further construction of the music performance system is still waiting for its time

In terms of spreading classical music, modern electric violin music performance has made special contributions. This is both good and bad. It proves that there are shortcomings and deficiencies in the creation and accumulation of the repertoire.

When audiences appreciate and participate in performances, they often hear the familiar melody of classical music, and although they feel the shock and breakthrough of visual and auditory elements, fresh and refreshing melodies are rarely heard.

The scarcity in quantity makes it difficult to make a breakthrough in quality.

Practitioners may have realized this problem, but so far, they seem to have not found a better solution. We have to admit that this is a kind of regret.

At present, modern electric violin music performance is still in the early stage of system construction, and it is still not perfect enough in integrating modern electronic technology and music and fashion elements. Performers have a relatively blurred understanding of the boundaries between music performance and performance; many people are still in the stage of imitating existing immature performance styles; and there is still a long way to go in terms of conceptual innovation and breakthroughs.

Technically, there are still many shortcomings, such as insufficient tone, inadequate instrument manufacturing, lack of aesthetic appeal in instrument design, and a lack of overall design support for comprehensive elements such as lighting, sound, and stage effects.

Society's attention and participation in modern electric violin music performance are still not sufficient; academic research on it is not deep enough; and practitioners' exploration is still blind to a large extent.

The limitlessness of the development of electric violin performance

We know that the development of electronic technology is far from exhausted, which provides unlimited development possibilities for modern electric violin music performances.

The development of modern music is also infinite, which creates endless development space for modern electric violin music performances.

In addition, the development of other technologies and artistic fields related to modern electric violin music performances will also be beyond our imagination.

This is the basic condition for the development of modern electric violin music performance.

Moreover, from the perspective of art and humanities, it is still in the stage of exploration and practice, and has not yet reached its peak. Therefore, its prospects are even broader, and practitioners and audiences are full of expectations.

All of this determines that modern electric violin music performances have unlimited development space.

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