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Is It Suitable for Beginner Violinists to Buy an Electroacoustic Violin?

The advantages of electroacoustic violin

As a product of the new era, the superiority of electroacoustic violin cannot be underestimated. On one hand, due to the absence of the resonance box, the design of the fingerboard is more conducive to our performance. On the other hand, it allows for arbitrary adjustment of the volume.

When playing indoors, the volume can be turned down low without affecting others. When playing outdoors or accompanying a band, its full and rich sound will enhance the atmosphere of the scene, giving it an advantage.

Why is electroacoustic violin not suitable for beginners?

Traditional violins are designed and produced in quarter, half, and three-quarters sizes according to the age group of beginners to adapt to the learning of children in different age stages. If you want to find a beginner violin for sale, the traditional violin will be better for you. Most electroacoustic violins are designed and made for adults. Therefore, it is not appropriate for children who are beginners.

When playing a traditional violin, it is easy to make some noise, emit false tones or whistling sounds. We need to continuously correct and improve these problems during training in order to improve our playing skills. However, electroacoustic violins immediately repair and make up for our mistakes, and it is difficult for us or others to tell which notes we played wrong or badly.

Since electroacoustic violins produce sound through a pickup, the volume can be adjusted, and the sound quality can be optimized. Through its sound processing, our performance can sound perfect, and it is difficult for us to find our own mistakes. This has led many electric violin manufacturers to pursue the development of new models and technologies to further enhance these instruments.

A traditional violin produces resonant sound through a wooden resonance box, emitting a simple and honest sound with the fragrance and warmth of nature. Its beautiful sound can give people a refreshing and pleasant feeling. This natural sound is easier to resonate with our hearing and arouse our interest.

However, electroacoustic violin produces an electric sound that imitates the sound of a violin that has reached a very high level. But imitation is only an imitation, it can never replace the real thing. Listening to this electrically-enhanced sound for a long time can cause fatigue and it is difficult to resonate with our hearing.

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