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The Maintenance Of Cello

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Ⅰ. Definition of cello

The cello, a Western instrument, is an essential tenor or stringed bass instrument in an orchestra. It belongs to the Sub-median instrument in the violin family. The cello has a rich and plump tone. It is good at playing a lyrical melody and expressing deep and complex feelings. It also undertakes the bass part of harmony together with the double bass. It is known as "music lady". Cello is famous for its warm and rich timbre. It is one of the most common instruments in the Symphony Orchestra. Suitable for playing various roles: sometimes join the bass camp and make a heavy sigh in a low voice; Sometimes the middle two strings play the part of the backbone of rhythm.The most brilliant moment of a cello is the mission entrusted by the composer to express the melody like a song. The beautiful melody played by the whole cello group is inferior compared to any other instrument in the symphony orchestra.

Ⅱ. How to maintain a cello

A well-made cello can have a long life. It is incredible that some of the masterpieces of the cello-making masters of Cremona in Italy in the early 16th century are still used by professional musicians, although their structures are relatively fragile. Of course, an instrument's service life and performance state are closely related to the maintenance of its owner. Key factors such as air changes and various other hazards (such as vibration and shock) are also constantly threatening the instrument's performance.1. The instrument can be protected by proper cleaning, crack observation, and visual inspection of general adjustments. The correct installation of the pegs can reduce the wear on the peg logs, and the careful owner will regularly check the bridge, the pegs, the saddle and the fingerboard. However, perhaps the most important thing is to consult a skilled luthier.

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