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The acoustic violins produced by kinglos have good quality, many varieties and complete specifications. We draw the design advantages from world-renowned violin makers, improving the shape design of our acoustic violin. Through the combination of production, research and sales, we specialize in the production of high-end acoustic violins with unique style and beautiful sound. Our acoustic violins have won many compliments after used by professional music groups, and they believe that the color of our acoustic violins is beautiful and subtle, the sound is full and magnificent, and the transmission effect is great, reaching the level of professional violin performance. With patented coloring technology of locating and docking the networks of pigment and wood, makes traditional violins not only more beautiful and individualized, and perfectly guarantees the tone quality of the acoustic violins.

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How does semi acoustic violin work?

Generally, the violin-like stringed instrument is a musical instrument that uses strings to make sounds. It makes sounds by rubbing the strings with a bow or making sounds with fingers. A stringed instrument that uses a bow to rub the strings to produce sound, as shown in image, usually includes a soundboard formed by a resonance tube; a neck formed by extending from the soundboard; and a head that forms the end of the neck. The strings are fixed between the soundboard and the headstock while being supported by the bridge. The sound board includes an upper board, a lower board, and side boards surrounding the periphery of the upper board and the lower board, and resonance holes are formed on the upper board. Violin stringed instruments, the vibration generated by the friction of the bow is transmitted along the bridge to the upper plate, and the vibration is transmitted along the side plates, causing the lower plate to vibrate. The vibration of this soundboard is transmitted to the air with vibration energy to produce sound. The kind of sound is transmitted to the outside through the resonance hole formed in the upper plate. There are many ways to amplify the sound generated by the vibration of the violin-like stringed instrument. There are a method of amplifying the sound through a microphone outside the instrument, and a method of amplifying the sound by amplifying the vibration sensed by a sensor attached to the instrument itself. Amplifying the sound from the outside through the microphone can produce the most natural sound, but because in addition to the sound of the instrument, other external sounds flow in together, so the required volume cannot be obtained. There are many ways to attach to the instrument. Depending on the attachment position and the shape of the attachment, the number of vibrations of the instrument itself changes, which changes the volume and timbre, and the response of the frequency band will also have a significant difference. In the existing stringed instruments such as violin or electroacoustic violin, it is installed in the lower part of the bridge that can well receive the tension and vibration of the string to obtain electric amplification.

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