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The Development Direction of Electric Violin

1. The emergence of the modern electric violin

The object of acceptance and appreciation of traditional violin music is limited. The advent of modern electric violin music, although refreshing to the audience, still remains at the level of auditory perception.

In order to make modern electric violin music have a greater space for survival and development, in addition to the fashionable appearance of the electric violin and the electronic sounding, the performer must also have a deep understanding of modern music and fashion elements and a strong comprehensive application ability. Through the subversive interpretation of traditional violin music, it fully demonstrates the charm of electric violin music, so that the performance of electric violin music can achieve unprecedented results.

In order to achieve this effect, the concept of "performance" of modern electric violin music will inevitably arise. Different electric violin types will bring different performance.

2. Playing the modern electric violin

Modern electric violin music performance is based on modern electric violin music, through the perfect combination of modern body language, fashion symbols, sound, light and shadow art, multimedia media and other artistic means, and integrates fashion concepts such as interaction with audiences, rising from auditory art to The creative process of audio-visual comprehensive art is a comprehensive music performance art.

The performance that needs to be mentioned here is a special performance that gives music a new content and form on the basis of performance.

Performance is the foundation and condition of modern electric violin music performance, and it is an important carrier and expression method.

If the modern electric violin music is just playing and not performing, then it has no need and room for development.

Excellent modern electric violin music performance must also have a solid foundation of traditional violin playing skills and innovative ideas of modern electric violin music as a guarantee.

In fact, there are many imprints of classic music in modern electric violin music. When performing, the performers themselves must have traditional playing skills. It must also incorporate modern visual fashion elements in addition to modern electric violin music to make its performance highly visible and ornamental.

And what makes modern electric violin musical performance captivating is that it is passionate and creative, with a desire to let the music radiate passion in the flowing air and allow the audience to have an all-encompassing sensory experience.

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