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Kinglos electric cello pursues unique modeling creativity and rich colors, which makes the cello possess vitality and more appealing. 

1. The advantage of kinglos electric cello is that after professional pickup adjustment, all the noise caused by string vibration is eliminated, and the sound is extremely pure; 

2. Because the sound is controlled by the amplifier, the player is moving when playing. The bow becomes very easy; 

3. The volume of the cello can be adjusted at any time to adapt to different playing occasions. Appropriate volume adjustments can be made from small "chamber music venues" to large concert halls; 

4. The most attractive point is that its tone is comparable to any famous cello, but the price is only one-third of the price of a famous cello.

Different Types Of Electric Cello For Sale

DSDT Series

DSDT-N Series

kinglos improve Electric Cello videos technology

For hundreds of years, electric cello manufacturers and players have been striving to achieve greater volume to enhance stage performance without sacrificing timbre or playability. In today's era, this demand and desire have never been so strong. Kinglos grasps the pulse of this demand and uses plug-in amplifiers and high-power sound reinforcement designs to greatly enhance the volume of the electric cello and the ability to perform on stage. The electric cellos of the kinglos series are designed for that specific stage in any sense, but they are also equipped for studio life. Shoot the video of the electric cello for yourself, let your performance charm spread to all parts of the world through every video of the electric cello, let your fans cheer for you.

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