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Kinglos electric cello pursues unique modeling creativity and rich colors, which makes the cello possess vitality and more appealing. 

1. The advantage of kinglos electric cello for sale is that after professional pickup adjustment, all the noise caused by string vibration is eliminated, and the sound is extremely pure; 

2. Because the sound is controlled by the amplifier, the player is moving when playing. The bow becomes very easy; 

3. The volume of the electric cello can be adjusted at any time to adapt to different playing occasions. Appropriate volume adjustments can be made from small "chamber music venues" to large concert halls; 

4. The most attractive point is that its tone is comparable to any famous electric cello, but our electric cello price is only one-third of the price of a famous electric cello.

Electric Cello For Sale

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Electric Cello VS Acoustic


Acoustic cello material: spruce whose texture is firm and light, sound transmission speed is faster than other woods and the elasticity is greater, which can dampen high-frequency sound. The material of back panel of the acoustic cello should be maple which is hard and flexible. These woods are easy to achieve better vibration, quicker sound transmission and have a damping effect on high-frequency noise.

The materials used in the electric cello: It can be any material, including any wooden materials such as spruce, maple, etc., or various composite materials such as metal, plastic, carbon fiber, etc. All materials can not affect the sound performance of the electric cello.

Sounding Principle

The sounding principle of the acoustic cello: We use the bow bar to vibrate the strings through friction, and the vibration of the strings is transmitted to the bridge, and then to the body, causing the body to vibrate. The vibration of the cello body drives the vibration of bass beams and column, then generate sound waves bouncing back countless times inside, emitting from the F hole, and spreading to the human ear.

The sounding principle of the electric cello: using the bow bar to vibrate the strings through friction, and the vibration of the strings is transmitted to the bridge. A sound sensor is placed outside the bridge, and the vibration received by the sensor is transmitted to the core of the electric cello - the pickup, the pickup converts the vibration signal into a digital signal, and then transmits the digital signal to a sound amplifier such as headphones or a stereo.


Applicable scene of acoustic cello: It can be used for practice, but better in relatively high place, because noise pollution is easy to be made during practicing. It is also suitable for performing in small places, or performing in quiet places, because the sound is limited by the maximum sound volume, the effect of the cello for large stage is poor.

Applicable scene of electric cello: It can be used for practice in any occasion, and there will be no noise through the direct connection of headphones. When playing in a large venue, the sound of the cello can be transmitted directly through the audio, which has a great performance effect, but requiring high precision of the pickup and sound amplifier, and it is impossible to restore 100% of the original sound.


The shape of the acoustic cello: the classical type only, otherwise the structure will be changed.

The shape of the electric cello: electric cello is not limited by any shape. It can be created with a more personalized shape and realizes a great stage performance effect.

Advantages of Kinglos Electric Cello for Sale

Adopting a professional pickup system with the same level as Yamaha, Kinglos professional electric cello is very cost-effective with moderate price.

Professional pickups: Made in Germany. Using a new version of the suppression circuit without electronic noise and white noise, our electric cello achieves high fidelity, high sensitivity and low noise. Array technology multi-level dynamic noise reduction can fully capture complete and clear sound. 

Besises, there are also advanced volume and tone tuners, stereo and headphone socket switches.

Kinglos electric cello adopts the patented coloring technology that the pigment is connected with the wood network, which makes the electric cello more beautiful and personalized. The electric cello helps cellist make quiet practice of all levels without disturbing others.

Kinglos Improves Electric Cello Videos Technology

For hundreds of years, electric cello manufacturers and players have been striving to achieve greater volume to enhance stage performance without sacrificing timbre or playability. In today's era, this demand and desire have never been so strong. Kinglos grasps the pulse of this demand and uses plug-in amplifiers and high-power sound reinforcement designs to greatly enhance the volume of the electric cello and the ability to perform on stage. The electric cellos of the kinglos series are designed for that specific stage in any sense, but they are also equipped for studio life. Shoot the video of the electric cello for yourself, let your performance charm spread to all parts of the world through every video of the electric cello, let your fans cheer for you.

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