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What Are The Obvious Difference Between Guitars And Ukuleles?



The guitar is a plucked stringed instrument, similar in shape to the violin. It usually has six strings. It was originally an accompaniment instrument for country music in the American West. It usually appeared as an accompaniment to songs, with country music in the American West as the main theme.


Ukulele is a four-stringed Hawaiian plucked string instrument, invented in Portugal and popular in Hawaii, belonging to the family of guitar instruments. Ukulele became popular for stateside (American) audiences.


In fact, the first time I saw an ukulele, anyone would think it was a mini version of the guitar. In appearance, there is not much difference between the ukulele and the acoustic guitar, but the size is much different. The sizes of acoustic guitars we usually see are 39 inches, 40 inches, and 41 inches, while the most common ukulele sizes are 21 inches, 23 inches, and 26 inches, which are obviously smaller. A lot.

Folk guitars normally use steel strings, but Ukulele Ukulele uses nylon strings. In this regard, they are very similar to classical guitars. But if you stand up and play the guitar, you need a strap, and the small ukulele doesn’t need it.


The timbre of the guitar is thick and full. The four-string ukulele is not as good as the six-string guitar in terms of range. The four strings are high, low, high, and high, so the chords are different. The way of playing is generally based on strumming, and the tone is different from that of a guitar.

The universal ukulele has the same tone, not as heavy as the guitar, but much higher, louder, and cheerful. Different woods will also have different feelings. The tone of mahogany is warm and rich in low frequencies, and the sustain performance is very good. Sapele's tone is warm and bright, and the melody pulses with ever-changing vitality.

Acacia has a warm and heavy tone. It has a gentle sound similar to mahogany, but the high frequencies are more prominent than mahogany. Acacia has a high density, so the sound is brighter and the low frequency is weaker. Due to the oiliness of wood, the high frequency is also slightly weakened.

The sound of Acacia is more focused on the mid-range, the high frequency is smooth and strong, and the low frequency is clear but weak. Compared with other woods, the sound of acacia has a strong fundamental tone, and when played vigorously, the sound quality is sweet. The spruce has a bright tone and good resonance performance. The maple has beautiful texture and bright tone. Rosewood is just like its name, sweet, round, bright and transparent treble, steady bass, and good sustain.

Status & Audience

From the perspective of difficulty, the six-string guitar is much more difficult than the small four-string ukulele, but if it is for playing needs, it must be the first to learn guitar. Anyone who has learned guitar knows that it is very painful to start chord practice with the left hand.

Ukulele is generally nylon thread, so it is very suitable for petite girls, especially Ukulele is so small, portable and convenient to travel.

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