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Electric Violins for Everyone

As an innovative electric violin manufacturer, Kinglos pursues unique modelling creativity and rich colours of electric violins, which makes the violin have more vitality and more appealing. For business buyers, we have three electric violin types: beginner series, advanced series and professional series, suitable for all violin enthusiasts. With the world's leading pickups, the sound of our electric violin is restored to the greatest extent, featuring low noise, balanced and bright sound quality, which make the stage performance very contagious. Kinglos electric violins are designed for both specific occasions and daily use in the studio. Every electric violin is handmade, every step is carefully carved by the luthier, and every process is checked meticulously. All electric violins in your hand are tuned, well packaged and shipped.

For individual customers, we opened Kinglos Neo Classical, our electric strings designer workshop, to provide retail services that cover a selection of designs.

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Why Choose Kinglos as Your Bulk Electric Violin Manufacturer And Supplier?

Kinglos was established in June 2009, we are a professional stringed instrument maker dedicated to the research and development and production of new visual musical instruments. Kinglos specializes in the production and wholesale of string instruments for many years and offers more than ten types of products such as electric violins, violas, cellos, basses, etc. Our cooperative partners are  top ten musical instrument sellers in Europe and the United States. Many big-name musical instruments are OEM-made under the Kinglos brand. With a strong quality control system and high-quality after-sales service system, Kinglos can provide high-quality electric violins for many major brands. Kinglos visual musical instruments are proved sell well in more than 40 countries and regions in the United States, the European Union, Southeast Asia, etc., and are widely welcomed and favored by consumers. If you are a musical instrument seller, musical instrument sales company, string instrument shop/store owners, contact Kinglos is undoubtedly your best choice to make!

Different Types Of Electric Violins Sale In Bulk

Electric Violin VS Acoustic


Acoustic violin material: spruce whose texture is firm and light, sound transmission speed is faster than other woods and the elasticity is greater, which can dampen high-frequency sound. The material of back panel of the acoustic violin should be maple which is hard and flexible. These woods are easy to achieve better vibration, quicker sound transmission and have a damping effect on high-frequency noise.

The materials used in the electric violin: It can be any material, including any wooden materials such as spruce, maple, etc., or various composite materials such as metal, plastic, carbon fiber, etc. All materials can not affect the sound performance of the electric violin.

Sounding Principle

The sounding principle of the acoustic violin: We use the bow bar to vibrate the strings through friction, and the vibration of the strings is transmitted to the bridge, and then to the body, causing the body to vibrate. The vibration of the violin body drives the vibration of bass beams and column, then generate sound waves bouncing back countless times inside, emitting from the F hole, and spreading to the human ear.

The sounding principle of the electric violin: using the bow bar to vibrate the strings through friction, and the vibration of the strings is transmitted to the bridge. A sound sensor is placed outside the bridge, and the vibration received by the sensor is transmitted to the core of the electric violin - the pickup, the pickup converts the vibration signal into a digital signal, and then transmits the digital signal to a sound amplifier such as headphones or a stereo.


Applicable scene of acoustic violin: It can be used for practice, but better in relatively high place, because noise pollution is easy to be made during practicing. It is also suitable for performing in small places, or performing in quiet places, because the sound is limited by the maximum sound volume, the effect of the violin for large stage is poor.

Applicable scene of electric violin: It can be used for practice in any occasion, and there will be no noise through the direct connection of headphones. When playing in a large venue, the sound of the violin can be transmitted directly through the audio, which has a great performance effect, but requiring high precision of the pickup and sound amplifier, and it is impossible to restore 100% of the original sound.


The shape of the acoustic violino: the classical type only, otherwise the structure will be changed.

The shape of the electric violin: electric violin is not limited by any shape. It can be created with a more personalized shape and realizes a great stage performance effect.

Features of Kinglos Electric Violin

Refreshing Apperance Innovation on Electric Violins

Kinglos luthiers use unique ingenuity to make the appearance of the electric violin look more pleasing and renovate shapes and colors of electric violin constantly.  Kinglos aims to brings rich imagination to violin enthusiasts in terms of colors, materials and shapes. With unique appearance and magical sound, the Kinglos electric violins stand firm on the electric violin market with its unique charm. 

  • The kinglos electric violin adopts patented coloring technology, making electric violins look more beautiful and distinctive. 

  • Not bound by the back panel, side panel and front panel, the shape design of the electric violin also expands the infinite spaces. You can see a veriety of fancy shapes and flowing lines are adopted in electric violin designs, which is helpful to emphasize your personality.

Professional Electric Violin Pickups

The electric violin pickups of Kinglos are made in Germany, featuring high-fidelity, high-sensitivity, low-noise, clear/sensitive pickup effect, wide sound range, natural and rich timbre, low and soft timbre, and very beautiful overtones. It is the best choice for those who demand high quality in all aspects. 

Affordable Electric Violin Prices

Is it too expensive to play the electric violin at a professional level? Don't have enough budget to buy a good electric violin? Looking to buy a unique electric violin? Kinglos electric violin can perfectly solve all problems, kinglos professional electric violin MWDS series has the same level of quality as Yamaha electric violin, but the electric violin price is less than half of the Yamaha violin. Also, good electric violin has many styles and designs to choose. In short. Professional electric violin MWDS is overally better than Yamaha's. 

Wide Choices For All Violin Players

There are three grades of violin, high level, middle level and low level, which can not only meet the needs of professional violin players, but also meet the need of beginner for daily practice. The mid- and low-end electric violin also adopts the most suitable design for novice practice, helping violin lovers to quickly master the pitch and sound quality of the violin. At the same time, Kinglos takes into account the durability and individual expression of the electriv violins in every details. Kinglos electri violins are defeinitely tjhe first choices for all violin lovers. 

Are Electric Violins Good For Beginners?

Many people think that beginners must buy an acoustic violin for learning. The reason is that the acoustic violin allows beginners to better master the tone of the violin. It is partly true to say that, because it is based on the fact that the electric violin is not good enough to simulate the correct tone of the violin. But our electric violins well solved the problem, so actually it is better for beginners to use the electric violin, the reasons are as follows: 

  • The kinglos electric violin uses high-quality pickups, which almost perfectly restore the sound of the violin, and its excellent handmade workmanship and professional assembly are better than ordinary ones. The beginner acoustic violin has better sound quality and brighter tone, allowing beginners to master the tone of the violin faster. 

  • Since the sound produced by beginners while practicing is noisy to others, the electric violin also has a function that cannot be replaced by acoustic violin, that is anyone can practice the violin whenever they want because the electric violin well solved the noise problem. Since it is also a great fator for beginners to paly quietly and alone without disturbing others, which determines if they can persist in practicing the violin.

To sum up, we highly recommend high-quality electric violin for beginners to practice the violin, especially the great electric violins produced by kinglos.

Benefits of Choosing Kinglos As Your Custom Electric Violin Supplier

If you are looking for the most professional electric violin manufacturer, choosing Kinglos must be the most correct one. Kinglos electric violin production ranks among the top ten in the world, and the design and R&D capabilities are among the top three in the world. Our custom electric violins and OEM capabilities are the world's top. 

Kinglos Can Meet Any Needs You Want

kinglos is the most professional custom violin manufacturer, the types that can be customized include: size, color, shape, accessories, logo. If you want to perform at a concert, we can customize performance-type electric violins for you. If you are a left-handed user, you can also customize the electric violin for left-handed use. At the same time, we can also customize different accessories including strings, piano boxes, etc. according to different budget requirements. 

Low MOQ. All Types of Electric Violins Avaliable

Everything you want to customize can be achieved, and our customization threshold is low, and the minimum order quantity for customization is relatively low. It is very flexible to realize the customized needs for small sellers. At the same time, our electriv violins also have a wealth of shapes for customers to choose from, to meet those who do not know how to design but want unique electric violins. Therefore, the customization of kinglos has many advantages such as professional customization, customization of all types of electroacoustic violins, and low MOQ.

Kinglos Also Has Other OEM And Custom String Instruments Businesses To Look For Cooperation

Customizable range: acoustic violin, electric violin, acoustic cello, electric cello, acoustic double bass, electric double bass.

Acoustic violin: Custom violin size, violin material, violin color, violin accessory color, and accessory type

Electric violin: Custom electric violin size, electric violin material, electric violin color, electric violin shape, electric violin accessory color, and accessory type

Acoustic cello: Custom cello size, cello material, cello color, cello accessory color, and accessory type

Electric cello: Custom electric cello size, electric cello material, electric cello color, electric cello shape, electric cello accessories color, and types of accessories

acoustic double bass: Custom double bass size, double bass material, double bass color, double bass accessory color, and accessory type

electric double bass: Custom electric double bass size, electric double bass material, electric double bass color, electric double bass shape, electric double bass accessory color, and accessory type

Kingslos Electric Violin Reviews Proves Our Good Quality And Services

Toni Gomez
United States

I love this Kinglos electric violin. It is a great deal with a super fair price. My "paint job, decoration" is done really well. Mine came with four fine tuners, I will remove three of them. I think that is a nice option for those that want fine tuners on their instrument. I think it is better to have them and have the option for removal than to not have them and want them. They also came in handy while the strings stretched. My bridge was not on my violin, that was not a problem for me as I know how to put it on. There are many many places on line to find out how to easily put the bridge in place. I am in love with my new Art Violin and plan to buy more for my collection. The volume and tone controls on the violin are very handy. It worls great with my simple 5 watt AMP. I couldn't be more pleased.

Amazon Customer
United States

What a terrific little violin. My daughter absolutely loves it. She puts on her headphones and she plays her heart out. She uses it as her practice violin so that she doesn't disturb the rest of the rest of the family whole they do their homework or other activities. She did mention that it took a little whole for the strings to  dtretch out to their proper length but i guess that is a normal thing for any violin that is new and has never been used before. What a great little violin.

United States

Great service from Kinglos. I asked questions and within a few hours I would have a response back. My daughter requested a white bridge and they gave her a white bridge. One fine tuner was not connected but that was okay, we had it put back on. Extra strings and bridge were in case. She did not need to use the rosin that came with but it looked good, Not crystallized. The violin came before the estimated date. My daughter is very excited since she saved up to buy this.

United States

This is a very nice product. Beautifully painted and feels like excellent quality. It came with everything my daughter will need to play this instrument and the seller Kinglos was very much in touch and helpful. We asked for a different colored bridge (aksed for black) and we received it just as requested. This product arrived almost 10 days early which was a relief since it was for my daughter's birthdayy and I did not want to disappoint her. Very happy with this product and the seller Kinglos.

Kelli P
United States

Young children love Kinglos violins. They are able to tune it themselves and begin playing almost immediately. Kinglos elecrtic violins are beatiful and of good quality.

Ella P
United States

Kinglos electric violin is quite beautiful and fun to play. probably no the best quality sound but still worth it. There is only 1 fine tuner, but that is all that is needed. USE THE PEGs. I personaly love this electric violin and would recommend.

Bryan Estrada
United States

All in all, this was a great deal! Perfect for beginner and advanced violinists alike. Comes with a case, resin, bow, extra set of strings, extra bridge, headphones, a cord to plug the violin into an amp, and of course the violin. The headphones are cheap, and so is the bow and strings. Those things are very cheap to replace. The violin itself is made of very good quality materials and feels very sturdy and durable. I am very satisfied with my purchase!

Andrea GT
United States

The violin is really really beautiful. I've got tons of compliments. When I first received it, the ciolin the pickup did not work very well, so I asked other people if that happened to them too. Th seller contacted me immediately and in less than 24 hours he had sent me a replacement no charge. I am very happy with the violin and the service from the seller. I would highly recommend it.

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