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Modern Electric Violin Music Performance is a Comprehensive Music Performance Art

1. What is modern electric violin music?

With the modern electric violin, there will inevitably be modern electric violin music.

But it is very difficult to give a complete and exact definition of modern electric violin music, because it is still in the process of exploration and development. As time and space go, its connotation and extension will continue to change. 

For now, modern electric violin music is the sum of the material foundation of modern electric violin, traditional violin performance skills and modern music elements.

2. The nature of modern electric violin music performance

Modern electric violin music performance is an auditory art.

First of all, in terms of performance skills, although there are differences between modern electric violin and traditional violin music, they are generally similar. Because they all use violin musical instruments to perform.

The performance skills of modern electric violin music are mainly derived from traditional violin. The slight difference is that electric violin music performance has special requirements for the use of the bow, and its fingerboard is different from traditional violin, and the volume control method is also different. Its volume is not as easy to be controlled by the player as the traditional violin. Therefore, in addition to adjusting the volume of the electric violin through the equipment, the player should pay special attention to controlling the strength of the sound of the bow according to the style of the music, because there is a big difference between the strength of the bow and the actual sound effect produced. In addition, there are differences between the two in terms of timbre and control skills.

We can't foresee the possibility of future development of modern electric violin music performance with the help of the professional electric violin, but at least for now, the difference in playing skills is not essential.

Secondly, no matter how fashionable and avant-garde the content and form of expression carried by modern electric violin music performance, it can still only be perceived by hearing. One can only judge the difference between traditional and modern music styles by hearing.

Playing determines that it is only an auditory art, and it is impossible to produce qualitative changes and leaps.

3. General conditions for playing modern electric violin music

The performance of modern electric violin music should generally meet the following two conditions:

First, have certain traditional violin playing skills.

Possess certain traditional violin performance skills, which can ensure that the performance itself has the integrity and appreciation of violin artistic expression.

Second, the ability to understand and comprehensively apply modern music and fashion elements.

Obviously, it is not enough to have traditional violin performance skills. Since it is modern, it must have the ability to reflect "modern" elements and characteristics in performance. The two go hand in hand and are indispensable.

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