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What Are Violin Types And Prices

More and more people are learning the violin in the worldwide. When people want to buys violins, they find that there is different types of violin and their prices are also different. Some violin has higher prices, and some violin prices are much more affordable. The price gap between different violins is relatively large. What determines the violin prices? There has a lot of factors, but in this articles, Kinglos will talk about how violin materials influence the violin prices.

Violin Materials

The types of violin materials on the market mainly include plywood, pressure plate, semi-handmade low-grade, semi-handmade high-grade, hand-made low-grade, and hand-made high-grade violins. The prices of different materials are also different. Below is the detailed introduction of each violin types introduction.

Plywood Violin

The top, back and sides of this violin are all made of plywood, and its fittings are usually plastic or other common woods. Plywood violin is usually imitaing ebony-made violin by color staining. The price of plywood violin is generally around 100~200 yuan. Most of plywood violins are mechanically made. It is not inlaid, but scribed. Plywood violin is generally used for restaurant and hotel display, and can also be used as a children's toy.

plywood violins

Platen Violin

The maple is usually used for the top and back of violins. The raw materials of the back, top and sides of maple violins are usually dried in a drying room. The accessories of platen violins are generally made of jujube wood, or the general wood stained to achieve ebony imitation. The platen violin price is generally around 200~350 yuan. Most manufacturing process of platen violin is done mechanically, and the radian of the front panel and the back panel are pressed by high temperature. Platen violin is also generally used for decoration, or for children to learn to play.

platen violins

Semi-handmade Violin (low-grade)

The panel of this handmade violin is spruce wood, and the back panel and side panel are made of maple (generally the maple without tiger pattern). The raw materials of violin panels are generally air-dried for 1 to 3 years, and the accessories of this semi-handmade violins are generally jujube wood or ebony. Althought it is called semi-handmade violins, most of the violin manufacturing processes are done by machinery, such as mechanical planing, mechanical engraving of the piano head, sanding and polishing, etc. While the assembly and inlay are finished manually. The price of this kind of semi-handmade violin is generally around 350~450 yuan. Its tone is not bad, and the workmanship is on average level. So it is recommended to be used as a beginner violin to practice for a period of time. If you have more budget, you can choose to buy professional violins.

Semi-handmade Violin (high-end)

The front panel and back panel of this semi-handmade violins are made of spruce wood, and the side panel is made of maple violin (generally, the maple wood without tiger pattern or less tiger pattern). The raw materials of back panel and front panel are generally air-dried for 3~ 8 years, the accessories generally use ebony and jujube wood. The main difference between low grade and high end semi-handmade violins is the degree of mechinery. High-end semi-handmade violins use few machinery.  The inner-molded violin, manual finishing after mechanical planing, mechanical engraving of piano heads, etc. are finished by machinery, But the assembly and inlaying is still manually done. The price of this high end semi-handmade violin is generally around 450~900 yuan.

Handmade Violin (Affordable Violin Prices)

The top and back panels of this handmade violin are made of spruce wood, and the side panels are made of maple (generally, the maple with a clear tiger pattern). The raw materials of the back panel and the front panel are generally air-dried for 8 to 15 years, because the longer the age, the better the sound (the age within 200 years). Long iar-dried age means the more expensive violin prices, and the accessories are generally made of ebony. Handmade violin is totally done by hand, such as violin hand-planed board, inner film synthesizer, hand-inlaid wire, hand-carved violin head, hand-finished, hand-assembled, etc. Some handmade violins are rough mechanically and then refined by hand. The kind of hadnmade violin price is generally around 900~4500 yuan. It has good tone, good quality and good workmanship. It is generally suitable for players with a certain level of violin performance experience and can be used for primary performance. 

Kinglos has wholesale handmade violin services for different people from beginners, intermediate and advanced violin playing leaners. These violins are recommended for you to choose: 

Colorful Violins: many colors for you to choose and customize;

Electric Violins for Intermediate Players: clear pickup effect and strong voice expression;

Cheap Electric Violin: maple wood made violins, you can adjust the tone and sound quality according to your needs, and the violin price is relatively cheap;

S Shaped Electric Violin: patented coloring technology make this s shaped violin a very unique appearance;

Electric Violin for Advanced Players: this electric violin can provide original, powerful and natural sound for advanced player to make performance;

Acoustic Electric Violin: althought it is a electric violin, but it can produce tones like acoustic violin.

professional electric violin

Handmade violin (High-end, Violin Prices Are Determined By Many Factors)

The top and back panel of this handmade violins are made of spruce, and the side panel is maple(the back and sides are generally made of maple with obvious tiger pattern), and the accessories are generally made of ebony. Hign-end handmade violin is purely hand-finished, with hand-planed boards, inner-coated violins, hand-inlaid wires, hand-carved violin heads, hand-finished and hand-assembled. The price of high-end handmade is difficult to define sometimes. Its price may be determined by the fame of the violin makers, Generally, Fully handmade violins can reach the level of art and crafts, their prices can be positioned within tens of thousands yuan or even hundreds of thousands yuan. High-end handmade violins often has good sound quality, good craftsmanship, and are suitable for large-scale performances.

high end electric violin sale

For violin playing professionals, Kinglos also have these good quality violins for recommendation, you can click to see more violin details, good electric violinelectroacoustic violin5 string electric violin for sale, and so on. Also, we have several electric violin videos on youtube for you to watch details. Welcome to watch them and contact Kinglos for violin prices!

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