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Excellent sound quality

It is a Kawai piano with a long string design that can tune complex overtones and has a very beautiful and rich tone. The strong sound in the low range is more majestic; the clear sound in the high range is more slender. Moreover, its specialty is that stable sound quality and volume can be obtained in the entire sound range. Able to calmly cope with highly complex and diverse music needs.

Soft tone

When playing lightly, the sound is pure and distinct, which is of course natural. Even if the keyboard is typed casually, the extremely strong sound will not be muddy, and a bright sound can be obtained. The goodness of the overall balance and the wonderful harmony in the full range are the specialties of Kahe.

Rich volume

The volume of the piano is not only loud just after the strings are struck, but the duration of the sound must also be long. This is related to the length of the soundboard and the strings. Kawai piano uses a unique design to make the string length as long as possible, and the acoustic effect of the soundboard is also exerted to the extreme. In this way, the sense of volume of the clear voice can be expressed abundantly.

Excellent durability

The wood has been carefully dried over and over again. Materials and components have also been selected by a pair of sharp eyes. Even the smallest places have racked their brains for a reasonable design. No matter what the season wind is, no matter what time it comes, it can always maintain the durability of the wonderful sound.

Light touch

When playing, the keyboard is in direct contact with the hand. Therefore, this feeling has a great influence on musical emotional expression. The feel of Kahe Gang has been adjusted to a suitable weight, light and easy to play, and excellent maneuverability.

Beautiful exterior decoration

The exterior decoration can protect the internal mechanism from moisture damage or damage. At the same time, it also has a great impact on the sound effect and has a direct relationship with the performance of the piano. In addition, the beauty of the appearance is also very important. We hope that Kawai pianos that use fully brewed materials and use more advanced woodworking and painting techniques will appear in front of you with dignified appearance and graceful demeanor.

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How does a piano work?

How does a piano work?

Mechanical: When you press the piano keys (usually 88 keys), the movement of your fingers is transmitted to the felt-covered wooden hammer through a series of levers and springs, and the wooden hammer strikes the string to make it vibrate. This complex system consisting of keys, hammers, levers, and springs is called an action. In addition, when you press the key, the felt damper leaning on each string will rise, allowing the rope to vibrate. 

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