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Kinglos double bass, a truly professional-looking maple body, sturdy design, and portable instrument. Kinglos has the correct scale length, bow ability, maneuverability and fingerboard profile. Thanks to the professional pickup system, the sound is extremely rich and balanced. If you want to have an ergonomic and stylish electric vertical bass, then you must choose Kinglos.

The ebony fingerboard provides you with a comfortable and relaxing playing experience. To be better, you can pull up the strings and bow. Headphone amplifier for noiseless practice. Kinglos is a 4-4-string electric doubule bass that produces sweet sounds almost close to the real acoustic ones.

Different Types Of Electric Double Bass For Sale

Electric Double Bass DSDB

Electric Double Bass DSDB-A

Electric Double Bass DSDB-B

Is double bass hard to learn?

learn double bass Really tired,  The other parts of the orchestra are all sitting, but we have to stand all the time. Some people will say that some double bass can be equipped with stools, but there are very few orchestras that can be equipped with stools. Our eyes should be divided into four parts: the place where the hand presses the string, the place of the bow, the score, and the conductor will keep making mistakes if they don’t cooperate well. People are intoxicated, but the double bass is different. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the double bass has a "whoop hum buzzing" sound regardless of where it is played. Secondly, the double bass can only be practiced for an hour without interruption. I can describe it to you. The feeling of the next class: the legs are stiff and can’t bend, the knees hurt, the fingers are no longer feeling, the shoulders are sore and painful and sweaty. Few people choose the double bass, but the double bass is an indispensable part of the orchestra. Hope Those who choose it should not give up on it, it is our friend, and I hope every bass player can feel happy in it! I haven't found this kind of happiness yet, my self-discipline is really super poor, but I will try to make myself more self-disciplined, and I will fall in love with the double bass. If there is a bass player like me, I really need friends on the road with me.

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