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Kinglos is one of the leading double bass manufacturers/suppliers in the world. There are two types of double basses for your selection: electric double bass and acoustic double bass. With pursuing unique styling creativity and rich colors, our double basses are vigorous and more appealing. Kinglos double bass is suitable for all double bass lovers. Adopting the world's leading pickups, each double bass from Kinglos made is handmade, every step is carefully carved by the luthier, and every process is checked. All double basses in your hand are tuned, well packaged and shipped. The kinglos double bass is thick and powerful, like a bass. The double bass is the largest and lowest in the entire string group. It depresses the range of the string group which is very suitable for harmony.

Different Types Of Bass for Sale

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Why Choose Kinglos Double Bass

The double bass is a stringed instrument whose timbre is extremely low and soft, and users can play very beautiful overtones with it; With plucking playing method, it can produce rumbles which is just right to describe thunder or waves, and its slow playing effect is excellent while the treble part is delicate and moving.

Kinglos electroacoustic bass takes the timbre and sound quality of the acoustic double bass into account; At the same time, with the sound collection technology adopted and through the pre & post amplifier, our double bass has become a new type of electronic musical instrument that is currently popular around the world.

Made of high-quality materials, the body, neck and fingerboard of the double bass are all made of maple, which can ensure the best vibration performance of the sound quality.

Using the most advanced imported pickups, the pickup effect of the double bass is clear/sensitive, the sound range is wide, and the timbre is natural and rich. The adjustable bridge of bass allows you to find the best playing experience whether you like high sense of touch or low sense of touch. With simple and modern shape, perfect timbre and sound quality, and exquisite workmanship, our double bass has become a hot-selling musical Instrument in the European and American markets.

Kinglos' 3/4 Size Electric Bass is made of premium materials to ensure great sound lasting. This kind of bass is composed of a body made of paulownia, neck made of maple and fingerboard made of ebony maple, having a full, natural and rich tone. Adjustable bridge means you'll be able to get the perfect playing experience, whether you're used to playing in the highs or lows.

Custom Double Bass Available in Kinglos

Today, many people are pursuing individuality and differentiation, so the merchants hope that the products they sell are unique and distinctive, enhancing their own core competitiveness. If so, Kinglos is your perfect choice, it is a innovative company that can meet the different needs of different businesses, and meet everyone's needs in terms of product shape, material, function, appearance, etc.

Kinglos will combine the corporate culture, brand symbols, preferences and aesthetic standards of the merchant/dealer to customize personalized products of different colors, shapes, functions, and sizes for different merchants.

Custom material: spruce, maple, ebony, tech wood, jujube wood, plywood, etc.

Custom shape model: SDDS, YSDS, DSZA, DSG, YZ and other models

Custom color: log color, rose wood color, pear wood color, black, white, blue and white porcelain color, carbon fiber color and other 30 kinds of color options

Custom size: 4/4, 3/4, 1/4, 1/8 and other sizes.

Custom accessories : professional violin bows and other accessories, high-end violin boxes and other accessories

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