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How to Do a Good Job in Violin Sales?

Many people complain that it is too difficult to sell violins, and they also complain that customers do not fully understand us, but in fact, all customers will only give us one chance, and we will never miss it. If you want to do well in sales, please really understand yours client first.

Ⅰ. Use the right violin salesman

The best way to get to know a person is to go through the road he has gone through, that is, experience; many of our piano shops have too low requirements when recruiting course consultants, which is mainly due to their lack of knowledge about sales.

I think that as long as you learn to understand the courses and understand the violin products, you can be responsible for sales, but the truth is far from that simple.

1. General sales

In the initial stage of ordinary sales, they are quotients without too many skills. Even if they have some attention to words, they are actually for quoting in the end. They are always entangled with customers on price, and they will never be able to overcome this threshold.

This is also a problem encountered by many non-professional violin sales-teaching teachers who bring goods. They are always chatting, quoting, communicating, being rejected, negotiating again, and making deals.

2. Professional sales

Professional sales is more like a description. He can clearly explain to you what the selling point of this product is and what its value is.

The biggest gain in communicating with professional sales is that he can briefly but intuitively explain the violin musical instruments to you, which is much better than checking the product yourself, instead of just explaining the price like a general salesman.

3. Excellent sales

A good salesman treats the customer as a questioner. The consultant salesman never asks what products the customer needs. He is more about the motivation of the customer.

Through the intention and motivation of purchasing a violin, we can judge the deeper thoughts of customers, and by the way, we can obtain effective information in the communication, and build trust by breaking the ice. Then, through consulting questions, we can take the lead in understanding the problem and grasping the problem.

4. Sales master

Where is the so-called sales master higher than the excellent sales? The key between excellent sales and customers is to ask questions, and real sales masters do not chat with customers, because opening is a deal.

Of course, it's not as good as everyone understands, but he has already laid the groundwork for all the work. When customers come to him, they have already understood a series of issues such as pricing and products. Or order a violin.

Questions have been resolved before customers have questions about products or teaching, and this is the final state of the violin instrument sales master.

Ⅱ. Understand the employment requirements for violin sales

If you don't have enough sales tiers, you can't understand your customers. If you don't understand customers, you can't communicate. The end result is that you can't build relationships, and sales are more difficult.

Therefore, when we select the violin instrument sales staff of the organization, we must clearly understand our employment needs:

1. Have a common topic with parents

2. Have some experience with children

3. Have a certain interest in art (preferably with relevant experience)

4. Strong communication skills

5. Willing to take the initiative to communicate (ground push, telemarketing)

The specific employment needs are different according to the situation of each violin shop, and the natural needs are also different. In short, the right person can do the right thing.

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