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2014 New Darling of the Musical Instrument Market: ShanghaiKinglos(Jinluo) Visual GuitarWu Dakuang

There is a piano shop in Hubei. The owner's surname is Chen. He and I are good friends. Recently he called and told me:"There is a guitar explosion in the store, it's ShanghaiKinglos(Jinluo) The recently launched visual type, the sales performance of the piano store for several consecutive months has reached a new high, and the monthly sales are in100Branch around.

The monthly sales of a guitar can reach100More than one, it should be regarded as a good performance. It has only been three or four months for Lao Chen to represent this brand of guitars, but in a third-tier city, in just three or four years, this guitar has been put into storefronts."Explosive models", in my opinion, is indeed commendable. Old Chen said:"This is Shanghai Jinluo's latest visual art series of guitars. The market price is about500-1000between yuan."

Special products naturally bring special profit space and special market to the piano business"Qian Jing".

It is known that,Kinglos(Jinluo)·The visual art guitar has obvious characteristics, and the design sense and strong personalization pattern are used in high-tech"photosensitive coloring"The patented technology is colored on the guitar panel, in the style of graffiti art, retro pictures, as well as Chinese elements of flower and bird figures and ink landscape. In short, according to each person's aesthetic needs, provide different styles of products.

Perspective-type musical instruments lead to alternative thinking in the piano industry

Regarding the market sales of visual guitars, there is no need for a piano store to generate psychological resistance first. The first question that a piano store operator should think about should be:"What kind of product do we need?"

Many operators said:"Whether it is a plywood or a veneer, the guitar has always been the color of the log, but suddenly there has been a change in various colors, which may not be accepted by consumers."

I think this idea is unrealistic, and most operators should put it aside first"What do I think about this visual piano"subjective idea, any"I think"Any opinions or opinions at the beginning are subjective, and the music industry needs to analyze it objectively. Are consumers more willing to accept visual guitars? This requires an objective investigation and analysis, that is, the psychological analysis of consumers.

"you are not a fish, how to know the joy of fish", Music store operators can not use their own eyes to look at ordinary consumers, can not use their own ideas to measure their ideas. The owner of the piano shop is Luhou, and the consumers may be canaries. Luhou thinks that shark's fin and bird's nest is the best supplement. He believes that birds like to eat these things just like humans, so Luhou feeds the birds every day. He should know that birds only like to eat worms. Therefore, in order to do a good job of objective analysis, the music company needs to consider it from the perspective of consumers, not its own.

The average consumer is not a professional, and they won't tell if the guitar is made of spruce, Brazilian rosewood, or sapele. And as long as this guitar has a unique shape, and at the same time has a good tone and feel, consumers will choose it, and what they choose is"most", for exampleKinglos(Jin Lok) Visual Arts Guitar.

From the point of view of the piano shop, the homogeneity of the current products on the market is relatively serious. Of course, professionals can distinguish between three, six and nine, but in the eyes of ordinary consumers, the products are all the same form, and there is no difference. Therefore, the piano store needs a more dazzling musical instrument to attract the attention of consumers. At least, some enthusiasts who are preparing to learn guitar, when they are strolling through your piano shop, accidentally glance at them, and then complete a business.

The visual art guitars produced by Jinluo have different styles and are unique in the piano shop, which is also the embodiment of the biggest difference in the sales of the piano shop. Music lovers themselves pursue individuality, and consumers may prefer these unique visual guitars.

Guarantee the maximum market share of the piano business and various profits

I know that many piano shop operators always have such concerns. And whether the piano shop operators have considered that the log guitar is actually limited to high-end pianos. If it is a piano with a price of more than 10,000 yuan, or even a handmade piano, it must use logs, because the buyers want to see the texture of the wood. However, there are very few consumers who buy high-end pianos, and the higher the market, the narrower the market is, and those high-end consumer groups are almost all people with certain professional skills, they have the ability and willingness to taste, and the willingness to taste is even more. The essential.

According to the survey, among most piano companies, plywood still occupies the largest market share. This is the largest piece of the pyramid structure.

800The qin around Yuan is a level, and in this level, there are500Yuanhe1000Yuan grades. In short, most of the plywood pianos in this price range. In the guitar part, it accounts for the total sales of the piano store.50%; over the thousand-yuan threshold, to1200Above RMB, consumers can buy entry-level veneers, and entry-level veneers are further divided into1400Yuan,1600Yuan and above, these different levels, the price of this level still accounts for the total sales of guitars in the piano industry30%above; and2000-3000Yuan's piano can still occupy the piano shop10-15%And then, as the market price continues to rise, the market scope of high-end pianos in the piano industry is getting narrower and narrower. (Note: The above data are mainly collected from piano shops in second-tier cities. Large-scale piano shops in first-tier cities have specific market characteristics, so they are not used for reference.) This is like the higher the mountain and the thinner the water;

Prince Gong's Mansion in Beijing was originally Heshen's mansion. In Prince Gong's Mansion, there is the most expensive house in the world."Golden House"but more expensive than pure gold. The corridors, pavilions, columns and beams in the room are all made of golden nanmu. Golden nanmu will never be painted, because it itself will not rot for thousands of years.

This is like a handmade guitar in guitar products. The spruce used for hundreds of years is at least 50,000 or 60,000, or even hundreds of thousands. The number is very small, although it is high-end, it is not the way to make money for the piano business. Music companies need to occupy the largest market.

Wu Dakuang, executive director of Jinluo, said:"Kinglos(Jinluo) In terms of price positioning, visual art guitars take into account the interests of dealers from the deepest level of the market and maximize them."

Visual guitar will become2014New favorite in the market

Colors have tonal properties, so they are called hues. Why doesn't music seem monotonous? Because it also has a kaleidoscopic tone. Different materials produce different sounds, which is why"timbre". Will"timbre"This term is diffused, that is, music is also composed of various perceptible color forms."color of music"Not the same concept, but there is always a synaesthesia between the two.

In the past, when we expressed the color of music, we always relied on personal imagination; but now, more music art also pursues an intuitive form of expression, just like Western glam rock and Japanese visual rock, both are Known for its exaggerated and gorgeous shapes. The combination of music art and visual art may become a trend in the future. Maybe we were too conservative and thought visual rock was too grandiose, but they did conquer a lot"fan". And about the visual guitar, who knows?

guitar, known as"Youth submachine gun", has always been loved by energetic, individual and fashionable people! Consumers are looking for guitars that meet basic performance functions. These personalized groups also pay more attention to the visual appearance of guitars to show their individuality and uniqueness.

At present, there are also some colored and patterned guitar products on the market, but the biggest shortcomings of these products are: single color and pattern, large color particles and insufficient precision; the picture lacks a sense of design, and the individuality is not strong; the production process is traditional, Backward, most of them are done with self-adhesive maps, screen printing and water transfer printing; the disadvantages of traditional coloring technology are that the color is not full, the layers are not delicate, and the texture is rough; the most terrible thing is that this process seriously affects the sound quality, especially More impact on acoustic guitar. Just like the human skin is covered with a layer of film, it affects the ventilation and vibration of the wood itself, and damages the sound quality.

If there is a guitar that can overcome these shortcomings, then it will have an infinite market advantage.

Wu Dakuang said:"Kinglos(Jinluo)·Visual art guitar, based on respect for tradition with'Innovation enhances tradition', on the basis of ensuring the performance of guitars and other musical instruments, the design sense and strong personalization patterns are made with high-tech'photosensitive coloring'Patented technology coloring onto the guitar top,800CMOS,64Color separation ensures that the color of the pattern is full and the layers are delicate."

According to different aesthetic tastes, there are different styles such as glamorous, elegant, enthusiastic, avant-garde and cartoon for consumers to choose to meet diversified needs.

Most notably,Kinglos(Jinluo)·The coloring technology of the visual art guitar is directly colored on the panel without any medium in the middle. The wood texture of the panel is natural and clear, which fully guarantees the vibration of the body and the sound quality of the guitar. This is the most essential difference from the traditional technology. Wu Dakuang said:"Tailored tooKinglos(Jinluo)·Highlights of the visual arts guitar. According to their own preferences, the local market, and the aesthetic characteristics of the people in the region, each agency can customize their own colors and patterns with their own intellectual property rights, so as to form a distinct personality for their own piano store and establish a good store image."

In addition to the visual art guitar, the fancy violin is also one of their main products. Like the guitar, the coloring technology of the fancy violin not only pays attention to the aesthetic needs of the product, but also does not ignore the characteristics of the sound quality.

market does"Explosive models"span

Lao Chen is in a second-tier city in Hubei. In the actual sales in the market, in recent months,Kinglos(Jinluo)·The explosion of visual art guitars was unexpected. He said that before, it was just a try mentality. In the second-tier city where he is located, the price of the guitar with the largest sales in the past is also800-1000between yuan and nowKinglos(Jinluo)·Visual Art Guitars have a major advantage in guitar products at this price point.

Lao Chen said that at that time, Wu Dakuang, the executive director of Jinluo, talked to him aboutKinglos(Jinluo)·Visual art guitar, he still has some concerns, and these concerns are the same as those of most operators. He says:"Wu and I are always old friends. At the beginning, President Wu asked us to try it, and I was a little worried.Kinglos(Jinluo) Yeah·The visual art guitar has an advantage. The reason why I am willing to try it is because of the advantages of the product. The competition in my city is also fierce, especially in the sales market of popular guitars. The price war between piano shops is particularly serious. Ordinary plywood rarely has more than600yuan.Kinglos(Jinluo)·Visual art guitars are more prominent in product differentiation. I took a few with various patterns and placed them on the display cabinet of the piano store. Many consumers who come to the store for consultation will weigh these visual art guitars in their hands. Even some students who often come to learn the piano, sometimes they will play with them in their hands, and they seem to like it better. . In the actual sales process, in more than four months, my total sales were nearly120Both in terms of total sales and profit margins, it surpassed any popular piano in the past."

Coincidentally, aboutKinglos(Jinluo)·For visual art guitars, in addition to the explosion of models in Lao Chen's piano shop in Hubei, many Jinluo agents in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong and so on have received good feedback from the market. Wu Dakuang, executive director of Jinluo, said:"These piano shops sellKinglos(Jinluo)·The longest period of visual arts guitar is three or four months, and the shortest may only be one or two months, but most of the feedback is good. For piano shops, the products are highly differentiated, have competitive advantages, and the profit is higher than that of ordinary pianos, so they are vigorously promoted, and those who promote them wholeheartedly.Kinglos(Jinluo) the product of the piano shop, the product also brought rich returns to the piano shop in the end. At present, there are many piano dealers in various places who actively request to be the general agent. As an enterprise, we are obliged to create innovative and profitable innovative products for the merchants."

I'm not a complete fatalist, but I've always believed in cause and effect, as the saying goes"you get what you sow". Before you meet the right product and the right person, no matter how much you pay, it will eventually become an illusion, just as Buddha said:"The rain is broad, and the trees without roots are not moistened."But if you encounter it, you must nurture it carefully, and there will naturally be good harvests and good results.

Fully take care of consumers' diverse and individual consumption needs, have the courage to accept new things and new products, dare to make bold attempts and test sales, and explore market gold mines; timely adjust product concepts and marketing thinking to increase profit points. I think this should beKinglos(Jinluo)·The explosion of visual art guitars in the piano store is the biggest inspiration for the operators of the piano store

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