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Explore More Money with Violin Product Test-selling Method

Editor's note:

In recent years, there have been many "new visual instruments" with obvious visual changes in appearance, such as blue and white porcelain pianos, Wang Lihong's leading guitars, Kinglos innovative appearance violin products violins, etc. Customers are  not only pursuing violin materials and quality, but also they have begun to pay attention to visual apperance of violin products. In this situation, what should violin stores and shops do? Are theyt accept or reject this new trend?

The Importance of Violin Design

Mr. Zheng Quan, an international violin maker in China, once stated in his book "The Design of the Violin": "The violin is a musical instrument that we are all familiar with. We can often see its elegant appearance and hear its wonderful sound. But just because we are so familiar with it, few of us think about why the violin is designed as it is now, how the ancient stringed violin makers designed the violin, and what the violin will look like in the future... …” Visual beauty has always been a long-term research topic for violin makers. The formation and development of the violin is based on the experience of designing other stringed instruments. Violin design is not an accidental and isolated invention. The violin design is mainly composed of two aspects: one is the design of visual aesthetics, and the other is the design of sound.

Violin design once had a bloom in the violin making history. The industrial revolution in the nineteenth century had a huge impact on all aspects of society. France was one of the centers of the industrial revolution at that time, and it was also the center of violin making and trading. During this period, a large number of "violin reformers" emerged in France and registered hundreds of violin patent inventions. Looking at the changes of the violin in the past 400 years, every innovation will give birth to a new violin product and create a new market.

The above examples are going to prove that seeking change and individuality are the characteristics of the violins, it is also the characteristics of the modern market. As the front line of musical instrument marketing - the musical instrument stores and shops, it is necessary to have an innovative awareness and business philosophy to objectively grasp the constantly changing characteristics of the violin products they sell, and to cater for market trend in a timely manner. At present, we are living in an era of innovation, and we are facing a market that increasingly emphasizes both variety and individualization.

New Trends of Violin Design

In recent years, new "innovative appearance violin products for both performance and decoration" has appeared in the international market. On the basis of traditional materials and practical functions for performance, its stylish, dazzling and individual visual appearance, and various styles such as colors and cartoons have attracted wide attention from musical instrument stores and shops, violin lovers and violin makers. This is undoubtedly a visual impact for people who are used to seeing brown color violins. It turns out that violins can do different appearance this!

In line with the principle of reporting the latest information and chasing the market hot spots on the frontier of musical instruments,  and providing a basis for decision-making for violin stores and shops, We send a reporter to interviewe Mr. Wu Dakuang, the inventor of the "innovative appearance violin products" and the general manager of the company. Below is what he said:

Playing and decorating violins is the result of innovation. This innovation comes from people's diversified and personalized needs. Innovation also comes from tradition and tradition needs to be developed. Also, innovation comes from life, because life is calling for art! For the past 400 years, the appearance of the violin has been always in the brown color system. The violin appearance and vision are too simple and boring, which is far from meeting the diversified, personalized and fashionable consumption needs of modern people. The masters of violin making also tried to change and improve the violin appearance, but their innovation were all limited by the level of paint technology and failed to do so. The innovative appearance violin product adopts the patented coloring technology through the precise positioning of color dots and wood dots, which fully guarantees the vibration and air permeability of the violin wood itself, and ensures product quality from the aspects of raw materials, production, coloring, and assembly.

Through the interview, the reporter sighed with emotion: the musical instrument market does call for innovative violin products, and innovative violin products can make market value immediately, and many violin stores and shops do benefit from it.

Kinglos Has Different Kinds of Violin For Sale

At present, "Kinglos" violin products has sold more than 30 countries and regions in the international market, and has signed violin agents in Australia, Canada, Turkey, Mexico, Italy, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Sweden, Thailand, and South Korea. Our violin types includig electric violionsacoustic violins for sale, we also sell violin cases and bows. Currently, There are 157 violin stores and shops are selling our innovative appearance violin products in China. Whether it is in China or in the worldwide, they all started with a mentality of trying these kinds of violin in the early stage. They made test, and they have tried out a good result. 

Innovative appearance violin product has an objective and clear positioning. It is developed under the concept of "improving tradition through innovation". The Innovative appearance violin product is a a complement to the traditional violin family, not a replacement for the traditional violins. For consumers, there is an additional choice for buying personalized violin that is good-looking and easy to use; for violin stores and shops, there are additional profitable violin products and an additional profit growth.

Kinglos always believe that,when facing innovative violin products, we should always seek innovation based on the respect of the development law of the product itself. We should always pay attention to diverse and individualized needs of modern consumers.  Violin stores and shops are recommended to have a try in new violin product test sales. Accept new violin products with a forward-looking perspective, and explore fortunes with a test-sale-market method.

Kinglos Welcomes Violin Products Dealership And Duistributors

As a wholesale violin manufacturer, we also often encounter the ituation that some violin stores and shops want the authorized dealership of a certain area. We usually persuades these violin stores and shops to try selling our violin types in small batches at the begining, and then talk about signing the agent after the test sale is proved a good result, so that both parties can benefit from the cooperation.

Most of the violin stores and shops that selling our innovative appearance violin products can be classified into these categories: 

  • First, the newly opened violin stores and shops, their business philosophy is often advanced, and focus on the individualization and personalizition of violin products; 

  • Second, violin stores and shops that have been selling violin products for many years, but the situation is plain, and they want to add some new violin products to reverse the business situation;

  • Third, violin stores and shops in the relatively developed areas. They are quick to accept new concepts and dare to try first; 

  • Fourth,  violin stores and shops whose bosses can accept innovative appearance violin products with a cheerful attitude. Once they experienced a good start in selling our innovative appearance violin products, they will look for further cooperation immediately; 

  • Fifth,  some violin stores and shops have already had a certain business scale in the local area. Their violin product lines are multiple and complete. Once there are new violin products appear on the market, they will add new violin products immediately.

No matter what kinds of violin products Kinglos are makling, the profit for violin stores and shops is huge. According to the Kinglos sales statistics, the profit of retailing Kinglos innovative appearance violin products is about 50% higher than that of retailing other violin products. In China market, and the average monthly purchase volume of violin stores and shops in county-level cities is 15, the monthly purchase volume of violin stores and shops in prefecture-level cities is 24, and the monthly purchase volume of violin stores and shops in provincial capital cities is 52. This is 65% higher than the purchase volume of other violin products.

At present, Kinglos innovative appearance violin products have been promoted in the China market for two years. The violin selling market has not yet been fully rolled out, so that many violin stores and shops still have ample market space. If there is no such innovative appearance violin product selling in the local area, you might as well give it a try.

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