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Innovation And Marketing Help You Make More Profits In Violin Sales

Most of the violin shops lamented in unison: today's business is more and more difficult to do, vicious competition, unsecured interests, and a bleak future! It is particularly important to study the topic of "innovation and marketing" for violin stores and shop businesses. Currently, the importance of innovation and marketing is self-evident. It is the core strategy for violin stores an shops to survie and develop.

The ancient violin business model appeared in ancient Greece and Rome. violin stores and shops are links between violin suppliers and consumers, the place for vlolin sales, and the platform for the spreading music culture. The survival of violin stores and shops is directly related to the violin market. Therefore, violin stores and shops are the target customers of violin making manufactuers.

Violin Product Innovation Is The Starting Point Of Making Profits

As a platform for selling violin products, violin product innovation plays a key role in the violin stores and shops operation. Violin product innovation, as a systematic project,  is absolutely not determined by a single violin product. Facing diversified demands of consumers, introducing "brand new violin products" should be considered by the owner of the violin stores and shops. What we said brand new violin product here include violin products and culture.

After years of simple profit model of "earning the price difference" in China's violin retail market, the new business model with the combination of violin sales + violin training + violin culture communication activities is becoming a popular trend in the entire market. Potential gold mine. This new combination is actually the origin of introducing innovative violin products like electric violins and acoustic violins at violin stores and shops. In this way, violin stores and shops can cultivate more violin lovers and attract more potential consumers to buy violins .

Violin Marketing Is The Guarantee Of Making Profits

There is an opening article in a violin magazine once said, "Weak Marketing, the No. 1 Obstacle in China's Violin Marketing", pierced the sleepy musical instrument market to the bone. Indeed, compared to other industries such as electronics, automobiles, food, etc., which are constantly renovated in marketing methods, the marketing of violin stores and shops is obviously far behind them. Violin sales is a very promising and its marketing does not match the development of this industry. 

Most violin stores and shops are still follows the simple sales model of buying and selling, and lacks the quality of entrepreneurs. That's why we say its business philosophy needs to be transformed from a simple sales method to a diversified marketing modes. Whoever turns the fastest is the king of the violin marketing.

Marketing, as the name suggests, is the strategic management of sales at a strategic height. Marketing innovation is not only technical, but more importantly, the creation of "market value". Innovation based on the market should be the basic concept we pursue. Consumer demand is the focus of market competition. It is one of the central tasks for violin marketing innovation to differentiate from competitors and seek differences. Voiolin marketing is not only to meet the external needs of consumers, but also to discover, inspire, create and meet the subdivided, potential, and unmet needs of consumers. Beside, connect violin products and violin services together. The successful connection means the success of innovation, which further means the innovation id recognized by the market.

Successful Cases Of Violin Sale Marketing

Some well-known violin stores and shops in the market have their own unique marketing models. For example, the event marketing of Perth, they often carry out various activities in communities, campuses, and TV stations. They does not regard these activities as a short-term gain, but as a long-term investment in building brand image. These activities naturally left a deep impression on consumers. When consumers want to buy violins, they will think of this violin store naturally.  This marketing methods virtually cultivate many potential consumers. The Tianmu Violin Store in Hangzhou features "cultural marketing" and holds many elegant concerts every year. In fact, 50% of the audience to concerts and music competitions are musical instrument consumers. The training marketing of Shanghai Zhiyin Music Co., Ltd. integrates the resources from various art schools, and gathers people through training to form sales and make profis.

Perhaps, some small-scale violin stores and shops do not have such strength and resource advantages of the big violin stores and shops, but the entire market belongs to everyone. There must be a place for small violin stores and shops to develop and make profits. Small violin stores and shop can refine your own resource advantages and positioning. By dividing the market and combining with the surrounding market environment, we believe you can generate your own unique marketing model to win the market.

There are more and more musical instruments lovers and consumers grow. Besides children, the consumer demand for adult is also increasing. The marketing of musical instruments is closely linked with music culture and events, and musical instruments are increasingly integrated into the lives of the public. Fortunately, you have chosen such a promising industry. But in the face of so many peers, how to be unique? How to profit effectively? How to continue to develop? The answer is innovation!

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