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KinglosVisual Arts Guitar Summer Market Tracker Report-Guarantee the Profit of the Piano Shop, Everything Starts from the Consumer's Point of View

Since this publication in 2013 year. This month, with the title of "Visual Guitars Exploding in the Music Store", reported for the first time that the products produced by Shanghai Jinluo Company "Kinglos Visual Arts Guitar" After the hot market scene, many piano dealers and consumers have inquired about the details of this new product and the market's feedback.

They believe that only the industry's authoritative media and third-party information is true and objective! To this end, this publication also Kinglos The Visual Arts Guitar Summer Market was tracked...

What are the similarities and differences between piano shop operators and consumers when choosing pianos?

All piano shop operators can think about it for themselves. When you purchase the goods, the first step is to look at the workmanship and appearance first, and then to test the playing.

Therefore, the same is true for consumers. The first feeling of consumers is to look at the appearance first, and a piano with good workmanship can immediately arouse the interest of consumers. This is also from the perspective of human nature. Everyone is like this. It looks good and unique, and immediately has preconceived notions of consumers.

However, when our piano shop is buying goods, there is still a difference from consumers, that is, the piano shop operators are more concerned about the tone and feel. If we feel that the tone and feel are not good when we buy the goods, then it looks good. We don’t want to touch pianos; but consumers are different, because consumers don’t understand, appearance becomes the first choice for consumers. This is also the sales experience taught by many experienced piano dealers: selling musical instruments, appearance and workmanship is the most important. Does not matter if you believe it or not, I believe it. Therefore, the angle of consumer choice of products is still very different from that of piano dealers.

The piano shop should take an objective attitude towards the visual guitar, either accept it or try to accept it

In many cases, it is the piano dealers who cannot accept new products and new consumption concepts. Most operators should leave "I think" subjective idea, any "I think" any opinions or opinions at the beginning are subjective, and the music industry needs to analyze it objectively. Are consumers more willing to accept visual guitars? This requires an objective investigation and analysis, that is, the psychological analysis of consumers.

Ordinary consumers are not professionals. They will not identify the material of this guitar, or even the so-called abstract tone. In the eyes of ordinary consumers, there is no difference between the products. Therefore, the piano store needs a more dazzling musical instrument to attract the attention of consumers. What they are more concerned about is whether this piano is their favorite. At this point, personal preference is a big factor to consider. And as long as this guitar has a unique shape, and at the same time has a good tone and feel, consumers will choose it, and what they choose is "most" of.

In fact, a product can really gain a firm foothold in the market competition, not only depends on the appearance of the product, but also conforms to the usage habits and preferences of consumers. Respecting the market, channels, and consumers' demands are the only rules that are always better than market competition.

Wu Dakuang, head of Jinluo Musical Instrument Co., Ltd., said:"Jinluo Kinglos, The visual art guitar was established on the basis of respecting the traditional guitar at the beginning of the market, ‘Innovation enhances tradition’ On the basis of guaranteeing the performance of guitars and other musical instruments, the design and personalization of the pattern, with high-tech 'photosensitive coloring' Patented technology coloring onto the guitar top,800CMOS,64Color separation ensures that the color of the pattern is full and the layers are delicate. It ensures that the guitar will not affect the resonance of the panel and the transmission of sound due to the color of the surface during the performance of the guitar. At the same time, it is better"

Most notably, Kinglos·The coloring technology of the visual art guitar is directly colored on the panel without any medium in the middle. The wood texture of the panel is natural and clear, which fully guarantees the vibration of the body and the sound quality of the guitar. This is the most essential difference from the traditional technology. Wu Dakuang said: "Tailored too Kinglos Highlights of the visual arts guitar. Each agency piano store can also customize its own colors and patterns of its own intellectual property according to their own preferences, the local market, and the aesthetic characteristics of people in the region, so as to form a distinct personality for their own piano store and establish a good store image."

Piano Shop "Top Card", Cool "Props"

Mr. Yang from Fujian has achieved a lot in this just-concluded summer vacation. "During the summer vacation this year, the business is good, especially the sales of guitars, one of which Kinglos-The Visual Arts series of guitars almost sold out over the holidays180The appearance of the branch, it is almost an average of every day.6put sales."

Maybe some people think that a month is sold180Guitars, this number is not something to be proud of, let alone in the summer holiday season. But if you think about it, it seems to be quite impressive that a single brand of guitar can sell this number.

Teacher Yang said: "Why do students like this kind of piano? Because guitars can be used in public places to be cool, don't junior high school students and high school students like it? Psychologically based."

Teacher Yang also said: "From the beginning, I put the visual guitar in the most eye-catching position in the shop window of the piano store, and the passersby can see it all at a glance. Many people are attracted by these fashionable and individual designs, coupled with good workmanship and good tone and sound quality, many people love it. A high school student bought one and brought it the next day, a little friend, one hand! What is even more gratifying is that the popularity this new product brings to the piano store has also driven the sales of other musical instruments in the store."

Finally, Mr. Yang added embarrassingly: "I have hardly come into contact with visual guitars before, and I am not very optimistic about the market prospects of this category of products, but the subsequent sales performance has completely changed my original view, and I have to try new things boldly."

It is understood that Jinluo’s Kinglos The visual art guitar has obvious characteristics, and the design sense and strong personalization pattern are used in high-tech "photosensitive coloring" The patented technology is colored on the guitar panel, in the style of graffiti art, retro pictures, as well as Chinese elements of flower and bird figures and ink landscape. In short, according to each person's aesthetic needs, products of different types and styles will be provided.

Fully take care of consumers' diverse and individual consumption needs, have the courage to accept new things and new products, dare to make bold attempts and test sales, and explore market gold mines; timely adjust product concepts and marketing thinking to increase profit points. I think it's still Kinglos The biggest inspiration for the operators of the music store that the visual art guitar sells well in the music store...   

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